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Blue Flag Beaches in Los Cabos

DESTINATION | Published on 24/07/2020
Optimizada swimmable beaches in cabo

Cabo San Lucas is famous for its golden beaches and sparkling blue waters, but only the best beaches in Cabo are Blue Flag beaches. This international title recognizes Cabo San Lucas beaches for their cleanliness, educational programs, and accessibility. Earning this distinction is a source of pride for the community, and seeing the flag lets travelers to the city know that they’re swimming in safe and clean waters. On your next Mexico vacation, grab a Blue Flag beach list and explore the best beaches in Los Cabos.

The Blue Flag program is part of the Foundation for Environmental Education, and the award recognizes beaches, marinas, and boat tour operators around the world. To be on the Blue Flag beach list, a community must show its commitment to four main areas: water quality, environmental management, environmental education, and safety. The beach must meet the 33 criterias of the program, including having available drinking water, facilities for people with disabilities, and bins for waste and recycling. The organization regularly monitors Blue Flag beaches to make sure that this award continues to be a distinguished honor, so you’ll see it proudly displayed at the best beaches in Cabo.

Because the city of Cabo San Lucas is committed to protecting both the environment and its community, it’s no surprise that there’s a number of Blue Flag beaches in Los Cabos. In fact, there’s a total of 19 Cabo San Lucas beaches that are on the Blue Flag beach list, including Acapulquito, Chileno, Corsario, Las Viudas, Medano Villa Del Palmar, Medano Villa del Arco, and Medano Villa La Estancia. While you could easily spend your entire vacation soaking up the beauty of just one of these Cabo San Lucas beaches, visiting more of the Blue Flag beaches in Los Cabos will show you more of what all the city has to offer.

Medano Beach

Medano Beach is one of the biggest Blue Flag Los Cabos beaches, and since it’s located right in downtown Cabo, it’s easy to access from the best resorts. It’s one of the best swimmable beaches in Cabo, making its gentle surf perfect for splashing and playing. It’s also lined with a number of popular restaurants and bars where you can stop for a bite between dips in the ocean. If you’re looking for a Los Cabos swimmable beach that’s close to all the action, spend your day on Medano Beach.

Chileno Beach

While many of the Los Cabos beaches have strong current, one of the more swimmable beaches in Cabo is Chileno Beach, another Blue Flag beach. Here, the clear and calm waters are ideal for snorkeling, and if you dip your head under the water, you may be able to hear the legendary songs of the humpback whales as they call to each other further out to sea. While it’s one of the best beaches in Los Cabos and a favorite with locals, you’ll find it less crowded than downtown beaches. This Los Cabos swimmable beach isn’t lined with shops, so bring plenty of water and some snacks if you’re planning on spending the day here.

Acapulquito Beach

Acapulquito Beach, or Old Man’s Beach, isn’t one of the most swimmable beaches in Cabo, but it’s definitely one of the best for surfing. The long waves here are perfect for beginners, but if you’re not up for a surf class, you can also sit down to a meal of fresh seafood while watching the pros. Acapulquito Beach is a long stretch of sandy shoreline, giving visitors plenty of space to spread out, and since it’s a Blue Flag beach, you can trust that it’s one of the safest and cleanest Los Cabos beaches

Only the best beaches in Cabo receive Blue Flag certification. With a strict list of criteria, receiving this award shows the city’s dedication to making the beaches a safe place for everyone. As you explore the best beaches in Los Cabos, keep your eyes open for the Blue Flag.

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