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5 Fun Facts About Los Cabos

DESTINATION | Published on 06/10/2021
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Nowadays, when you plan to travel to a new place on vacation, practically all the information available on the internet is similar. They tell you about how beautiful it is, the places you can visit, but rarely do they discuss certain curiosities. Being a unique destination in the world, there are many fun facts about Los Cabos that you will find fascinating.

1. Los Cabos, several destinations in one

The question on many travelers’ minds when planning to visit this incredible destination must be, ‘is Los Cabos the same as Cabo San Lucas?’ The answer is no. Cabo San Lucas is a major beachfront tourist destination at the tip of the Baja California peninsula. However, 32 kilometers to the north of that is San José del Cabo, another important point.

They are joined by the great transpeninsular highway, which, as its name implies, runs along the Baja California peninsula. It is a major highway, so in 30 minutes you can get from Cabo San Lucas to San José del Cabo. Together, these two cities and the entire coastal strip between these points form the destination called Los Cabos. Villa La Valencia Beach Resort & Spa has the privileged location of being nestled between these two coastal cities.

2. Can people swim at Los Cabos beaches?

This question has a simple but inconclusive answer: it depends. That's right, it depends on a variety of things such as the sea conditions at the time you visit as well as the beach you’re visiting. We recommend that you follow the rules and signs located at all beaches. Colored flags are placed at each beach to communicate safety and other information. If the beach has a green flag, it is safe to swim; if it has a yellow flag, you can do it but take necessary precautions; if it has a red flag, swimming is prohibited. Therefore, before entering the water, be sure to look for the color flag at the beach you plan to swim in.

3. The End of the World is in Los Cabos

I know, it sounds a bit dramatic, but don't worry, we are talking about an ancient rock formation located in Cabo San Lucas, right where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, the main icon of Los Cabos, is a part of “The End of the World”. We highly recommend booking a tour to take a closer look at these wonders of nature. They are truly amazing!

4. Is it expensive to vacation in Los Cabos?

Again, this depends. Being a great tourist destination, there are different types of accommodation and services. If you are looking for vacations with all the comforts and the highest standards of luxury, you can have them for more affordable prices than in other renowned international destinations.

You can also find options for an inexpensive vacation. For example, there are restaurants where the average meal is 300 pesos per person (about 15 dollars approximately). Therefore, is Los Cabos expensive? It will depend a lot on your budget and the level of luxury you are looking for while on a vacation.

An excellent option to vacation in style without breaking the bank is the all inclusive plan at Villa La Valencia Los Cabos, where a unique vacation awaits you.

5. Los Cabos Weather

Los Cabos has a semi-desert climate, without reaching extreme temperatures. Throughout the year, temperatures fluctuate between 13 to 35 degrees Celsius depending on the season. The great advantage of its type of climate is that there is not much humidity in the environment.

Average temperature in Los Cabos in winter is 21 degrees, while in spring and autumn it ranges from 25 to 27 degrees; summer gets hot, but nothing that a pool and a refreshing drink can't solve. Additionally, the days are mostly sunny and without rain most of the year.

Between August and September, it is considered hurricane season in Los Cabos. However, most of them do not directly impact the tip of the peninsula. Nonetheless, these months can also be considered the rainy season because tropical storms commonly occur in Los Cabos during these months.

There are various indoor and outdoor activities to do depending on the time of year that you visit. With this information and fun facts about Los Cabos, we hope that your next visit to this paradisiacal tourist destination will be just as or even more than you’ve imagined.

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