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Reasons to Spend Christmas in Los Cabos

DESTINATION | Published on 09/12/2022
Optimizada los cabos christmas tree

Christmas is fast approaching and tis' the season to be merry. A Christmas vacation with your toes in the sand and your favorite beverage in hand is just what the doctor ordered. The holidays should be for relaxing and having fun, and there’s nothing better than Christmas in Cabo. The reasons to spend Christmas in Los Cabos are plentiful, and you’ll love the many Mexican Christmas traditions that are celebrated each year.

Mexico is known for its rich culture and love of celebrations, and Christmas is no different. There are many traditions recognized and celebrated throughout Mexico like the 12-day celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe that ends on December 12. It marks an appearance of the Virgin Mary to a young indigenous man on December 12th, 1531. People have parades, dinners, and parties to celebrate this special moment.

Posadas and Day of the Three Kings

Las Posadas which translates to “Inn” is one of the Mexican Christmas traditions that has become more modernized but still celebrated widely. From December 16th until December 24th, children would go door to door to ask if there’s an open room at the inn which represents Mary and Joseph’s story. However, nowadays, Las Posadas has become more of a celebration with 9 nights of Christmas parties leading up to Christmas. And if you stay until Jan 6, you’ll enjoy a delicious slice of Rosca del Rey pastry to celebrate the Day of the Three Wise Men. The Mexican tradition is if you get a baby Jesus in your slice of Rosca, you have to buy tamales for everyone.

What to do in Los Cabos in December?

Aside from all the festive Mexican Christmas traditions, December is quite an exciting time to visit Los Cabos. This is because there are many interesting things to do in Los Cabos in December. Firstly, whales migrate from the north due to the cold weather, therefore, December is the peak of whale season and many people love to swim with whale sharks. Others enjoy sunset sailing tours to watch whales show off their majestic beauty with some pirouettes, or a flip, or two. 

Weather in December

Not to mention the Los Cabos weather in December which is quite perfect if you ask those experiencing cold weather during winter. On average the temperature goes up to around 79 degrees Fahrenheit, as low as 59. Most days are cloudy and a little windy. We recommend packing some shorts or cool pants, a light jacket for boating, sandals, and/or hiking shoes. Snow during wintertime is great, but a Los Cabos Christmas is much better!

Christmas Drinks

And how could we forget the festive beverages that are popular during the holiday season? There’s the infamous Christmas Fruit Punch which is a warm, spiced punch made by simmering typical Mexican fruits with cane sugar and spices. There’s also Rompope, the Mexican eggnog spiked with rum or Kahlua. In December people can ample seasonal beers and beverages, such as Noche Buena. This lager is said to be dark and spicy with a distinctive caramel malty flavor.

These are just a few reasons to spend Christmas in Los Cabos. Many travelers visit Los Cabos in December simply because it is their favorite place to vacation. In fact, it is a very demanding period, so planning is key to ensure you get the best rates and bookings.

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