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5 Reasons to Visit Los Cabos in Summer

DESTINATION | Published on 06/04/2020
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Family summer vacations are the perfect time to build lifelong memories away from the rush of busy schedules, work, and to-do lists, and the best summer vacation destinations are by the sea. In the top Mexico destinations, your family can stay at luxurious beachside resorts, and your days will be filled with adventures at sea and authentic Mexican food. For many families, Los Cabos Mexico is perfect for family vacations. In this popular and safe resort town, you can enjoy all the best things to do in Los Cabos with your loved ones. Let these reasons to take a trip to Los Cabos inspire your next family summer vacations.

1. Sunny Weather

All year long, the warm Los Cabos weather invites travelers to escape to paradise. Like most of the top Mexico destinations, the Los Cabos weather heats up during the summer, but since the city is surrounded by desert mountains, it's dry heat, making summer the best time to visit Los Cabos. In the sunny Los Cabos weather, every day of your trip to Los Cabos is perfect for jumping in the water and relaxing with an icy margarita, and with clear skies, this is one of the best summer vacation destinations. 

2. Sea Adventures

You’ll need a snorkel and mask to see some of the most incredible Los Cabos Mexico tourist attractions. The rocky cliffs at Land’s End are lined with corals, and snorkeling here is one of the best things to do in Los Cabos. You’ll be able to spot brightly colored tropical fish and marine life as you swim near the Cabo San Lucas Arch, one of the other iconic Los Cabos Mexico tourist attractions. To see more of life under the sea, scuba diving is one of the best things to do in Los Cabos. By diving, you’ll be able to explore the legendary sandfalls of Cabos and swim with sea turtles, octopi, manta rays, and even whale sharks. For family summer vacations with older kids, diving is an incredible experience to share together. With warm water temperatures and high visibility, summer is the best time to visit Los Cabos if you’re planning on snorkeling or diving.

3. Beach Days

The main Los Cabos Mexico tourist attractions are the beaches, and there’s no better way to spend a day of family vacation than splashing in the surf and playing in the sand. Without spending a penny, your family can enjoy hours of fun on your Los Cabos vacation building sandcastles, body surfing in the waves, and laying out with good books. While some Los Cabos resorts are located along Medano Beach closer to town, there’s a number of other picture-perfect beaches to explore, including that along the tourist corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

4. Delicious Mexican Food

Sinking your teeth into the authentic Mexican food at a Los Cabos restaurant makes every meal feel like a cultural experience. Whenever you dine at a Los Cabos restaurant, take the opportunity to broaden your palate by ordering something new. On a trip to Los Cabos with your family, sitting down together for a meal of enchiladas, fresh seafood, or tacos is the perfect way to refuel and spend quality time together.

5. Luxurious Los Cabos Resorts

Los Cabos resorts offer the best in both family-friendly services and luxurious amenities. On an all-inclusive Los Cabos vacation, you’ll have access to on-site activities and games, a safe and friendly Kids’ Club, large tropical pools, and a sumptuous suite with space for everyone to spread out. With your vacation package, you’ll be able to dine at a Los Cabos restaurant at the resort every night, saving you money throughout your vacation. For families looking for deals on a Los Cabos vacation, summer is the best time to visit Los Cabos. Since tourism is typically lower in the summer, it’s when most resorts offer their best deals of the year.

Experience the excitement and beauty of one of the top Mexico destinations this year when you book a family vacation to Cabo San Lucas. As you explore the beaches and the depths of the sea, you’ll see why so many travelers agree that Los Cabos is one of the best summer vacation destinations.

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