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Tips to Stay Safe in Los Cabos

DESTINATION | Published on 28/12/2021
Optimizada vacation safety tips to los cabos

Like most places in the world, it doesn't hurt to take certain precautions when traveling. Let's discuss several ways to stay safe in Los Cabos. With recent travel warnings issued by the US President, Joe Biden, you've probably wondered: Is Los Cabos safe? Although Mexican authorities have reported a low rate of COVID-19 cases in recent months, the omicron variant has incited some international travel advisory. Unfortunately, at this time, we know little to nothing about this new strain. Scientists haven’t found any concrete data about its lethality or rate of propagation. Nor is it known whether vaccines inoculated so far are effective in counteracting it. Nonetheless, it has led the world's leaders to take preventive measures and implement some restrictions again. So here are some travel and safety tips.

Latest COVID-19 Travel Warnings

The updated requirements issued by the US representative were implemented on December 6. The most relevant ones that apply to travelers coming to Mexico are as follows:

  • If the passenger is not fully vaccinated, a covid test should be performed the day before their return to the United States.

  • If you are fully vaccinated, you should have a covid test up to 3 days in advance. 

  • If you had covid recently, it should be more than 3 months since your recovery.

  • Those who are not U.S. citizens or residents must be fully vaccinated to enter the country.

Of course, these requirements must be properly certified by competent medical laboratories or health authorities. Passengers must have an electronic document or copy of the results for the airline to review before boarding.

Is Los Cabos safe?

Yes, the tranquility of its beaches and streets is a great contrast to the music at bars and other entertainment areas. Still, it is essential you follow these travel tips for a safe Mexican vacation. The best safety tips when traveling are very similar to what your mom would give you: Don't walk alone at night, don't go into crowded places, don't go into the ocean if the current is strong or if you have drunken too much, don't take drinks from strangers, etc. Frankly, the tourist areas are free of danger. Try to identify them well from your arrival so that you don't end up wandering through uncrowded streets or far from the tourist strip.

As you can see, these are just the normal precautions you should always take. Tourism is one of the main sources of income in Los Cabos, so the local government has invested many resources to ensure that the destination is safe and currently there isn’t a Mexico travel advisory.

Safe Mexican Vacations

Cabo San Lucas is extremely safe!, one of the main travel tips in Mexico is just getting away from your resort to other tourist areas and sightseeing tours with well-established tour companies. This winter season is the best time to enjoy Los Cabos.

While it is a very safe holiday destination, it is important to follow the above tips to stay safe in Los Cabos. With these travel safety tips and a bit of common sense, you'll avoid any unnecessary risk during your vacation.

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