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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Los Cabos in a Different Way

EVENTS | Published on 07/11/2022
Optimizada celebration of thanksgiving in los cabos

Some family traditions are passed down from generation to generation and the celebration of Thanksgiving is one of the annual holidays that does this. Many traditions evolve with time like everything else in nature. Therefore, you should celebrate Thanksgiving in Los Cabos in a different way and make Thanksgiving 2022 the best Thanksgiving celebration yet.

For some families, Thanksgiving is a celebration of the harvest and its bounty, for others it is a time of reflection on what people are thankful for. Historically, in the 17th century, it commemorated an ancient feast between Native Americans and Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621. The celebration of Thanksgiving, however, did not become a recognized national holiday until 1863 when it was first celebrated as a harvest festival.

Over the years, Thanksgiving has become one of the most family-oriented annual holidays where families and friends come together. People look forward to it all year because they get to cook traditional Thanksgiving dishes such as roast turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, classic stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc., and even dessert items like pecan and pumpkin pie to name a few.

There’s a lot more to Thanksgiving than cooking and eating these scrumptious dishes, as those who don't cook, often watch and play American football, play games, and catch up with their loved ones they’ve not seen since the last Thanksgiving dinner. And those without family nearby, often come together with friends to celebrate this day. 

Does Mexico celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is not only a national holiday in America, it is also celebrated in other countries such as Australia, the Netherlands, and Canada, to name a few. While Canada celebrates it in October, other countries’ Thanksgiving celebration is in November. Then there are other countries that may not recognize it as a national holiday but it is still celebrated by people n certain regions, and Mexico is one of them.

With plenty of tourists visiting Mexico, it has become the norm for many tourist destinations in Mexico to honor the celebration of Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t it be better to spend it lounging on the beach feeling the warmth of the sun than being in cold weather? Get the best of both worlds by giving your family the gift of a Thanksgiving vacation in paradise. Celebrate Thanksgiving a different way this year!

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Nothing beats a Thanksgiving getaway in paradise. Villa La Valencia loves to bring families together and Thanksgiving 2022 is all about family, exquisite food, and spending quality time with the ones you love sharing all the things you are thankful for.

Having a happy Thanksgiving without the hassle of cooking and the aftermath of cleaning up is a lot easier than you think. Enjoy a special Thanksgiving dinner that will have you licking your fingers and your taste buds screaming with joy. All you have to do is reserve a table at La Taberna, a seafood and Spanish cuisine restaurant at Villa La Valencia Los Cabos.

La Taberna has planned an amazing traditional Thanksgiving dinner for you and your family to be held on November 24th, 2022 starting at 6 pm. And the best part is children under 12 years old get 50% OFF. There are further discounts for Gold and Gold Vip card holder. Enjoy the traditional dishes you’re used to having on Thanksgiving day, some as authentic as back home and other dishes will be created with a twist.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Is it the golden but juicy turkey cooked to perfection, the stuffing with cranberry sauce, or the Thanksgiving desserts? Our chefs have curated the perfect menu with all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes and more. And if you’re looking for a buffet style Thanksgiving dinner, El Patron is the perfect place to eat as many of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes as you want. 

Create new memories with the ones you love this Thanksgiving! Treat your family to a happy Thanksgiving 2022 where they can spend the day relaxing on the beach and infinity pool, floating along the longest lazy river in the region, and indulging in all that comes with staying at an all inclusive luxury resort in Los Cabos. Then simply get dressed for Thanksgiving dinner, no pots and pans in sight, just exquisite food, and drinks, all at your fingertips. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from The Villa Group Resorts! We look forward to making this an unforgettable one.

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