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6 Special Gifts for Mommy 2023 (DIY Gifts)

LIFESTYLE | Published on 06/05/2022
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The most meaningful Mothers Day gift ideas are those given with love to preserve memories, but finding the perfect and unique Mothers Day gifts 2023 has isn’t so easy. Whether your kids are young or old, gathering them together to browse homemade Mothers Day gift ideas can help you create something beautiful that she’ll treasure forever, and when you make Mothers Day DIY gifts, you can design eco-friendly candle votives or cook a delicious meal. Spending time together making these DIY gift ideas is part of the reason why they’re so special.

1. Breakfast in Bed

One of the classic Mothers Day gift ideas to make her feel special and pampered is breakfast in bed. If your kids are younger, begin with simple things, like scrambled eggs or pancakes. With older kids, whip up something more creative, like prosciutto baked egg cups, a frittata, or cinnamon rolls. Give mom the morning off to curl up in bed with a good book or the Sunday news while you make one of the tastiest Mothers Day DIY gifts ever.

2. Mason Jar Candle Votives

No matter her style, DIY mason jar candle votives are great homemade Mothers Day gift ideas. For a simple project, fill the bottom of the jar with river pebbles, sand, or seashells to rest a tea candle on. You can also use spray paint to make your candle votive colorful, and with painter’s tape, you can put a heart or striped design on it. String beads around the jar on wire, or add a dusting of glitter for some sparkle for unique Mothers Day gifts 2023 that will really light up her day.

3. Wildflower Bouquet Wrap

On the day before Mother’s Day, take the kids outside to gather wildflowers to turn into wrapped bouquets. Using kraft paper is one of the easiest DIY gift ideas to turn any flowers into something special. Let your kids draw pictures or write the reasons why they love mom all over the paper. After putting the flowers in a vase, she’ll have this gift to treasure forever. While it’s one of the best homemade Mothers Day gift ideas, you can design this kraft paper bouquet for any occasion, giving a bouquet of wildflowers or rose from the florists a stunning presentation.

4. Memory Jar

If you’re not so artistically inclined, put pen to paper, and with the help of your family, write down all the wonderful memories you have of mom on slips of paper. Roll or fold them up, and put them into a jar for her to save. Whenever she’s feeling blue, she can open and relive one of these memories. This is one of the easiest Mothers Day DIY gifts, but it’s one that she’ll cherish forever. 

5. Potted Flowers

Give mom an environmentally-friendly gift with a potted plant, but to make it stand out, spend an afternoon painting and decorating a terracotta pot. Even if your painting skills are limited, you can make a simple color-blocking design. With younger kids, you can also paint handprints onto the pot. Swing by the gardening shop to pick up some flowers, and you’ll have made one of the best DIY gift ideas.

6. Photo Book

With a few clicks on the internet, photo books have become some of the unique Mothers Day gifts 2023 has that are easy to make but look incredible. Online, there are several companies that help you turn a collection of photos into a beautiful scrapbook. Browse their premade templates or spend time designing your own to preserve your family memories and make Mothers Day extra special.

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