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National Tequila Day. History, Celebration and Recipes

LIFESTYLE | Published on 22/07/2022
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Among the things that distinguish Mexico in the world are tacos, mariachi, and tequila. Being such a famous and liked liquor, there is not only a National Tequila Day in Mexico but also in the United States, although it is celebrated on different dates. For that reason, some have doubts about when is National Tequila Day. In Mexico, it is the third Saturday in March while in the United States it is on a specific date: July 24th.

While National Tequila Day is not an official holiday in either country, it is a day for Tequila lovers to celebrate the rich history and tradition of one of the oldest liquors. The origin of tequila goes back several centuries. Would you like to know the history of tequila?

History of Tequila

Tequila is a drink of ancestral origin produced since the 16th century and given the name of the region where it originated. The town called Tequila has a large number of factories that produce it.

Among the legends that explain the origin of the drink, the most widespread one says that tequila was discovered because of a lightning bolt that struck a field of agaves, causing a fire. The fire warmed the agave, causing them to emerge with a sweet honey taste and a pleasant aroma. The natives discovered that, after fermenting, it had relaxing powers and euphoric effects when drinking it.

Having been discovered so fortuitous, they believed it was a gift from the gods of wine and drunkenness. That is why in many paintings that refer to the history of tequila, we can see Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. In the first decades after the conquest, the drink was consumed as a ferment of the agave plant and, later, with the Arab influence coming from Spain, began to distill in stills that were later introduced to the American continent.

Tequila Cocktail Recipes

In the beginning, tequila was only ordered “neat” which means people would drink it without anything else but as with all liquors, bartenders of the world and other curious fanatics have been creating tequila cocktail recipes. Thus, birthing some classic combinations such as the popular Margarita – made with orange liqueur, lemon, and salt – and Paloma, which features almost the same ingredients but also grapefruit soda.

Tequila Sunrise is considered one of the best tequila drinks. Made with orange juice, it owes its name to the reddish color that acquires after adding a trickle of grenadine, simulating the colors of dawn. In fact, it is extremely simple to prepare. If you want to do it at home, here’s a video of one of our bartenders preparing the famous Tequila Sunrise step by step.

But if you're one of those exotic lovers, maybe classic cocktails aren't the best tequila drinks for you. For those who like to try new and unique things, La Jolla Lobby Bar at Villa La Valencia is an oasis that never stops surprising you. The original creations of its bartenders have already made it a recipient of international recognition. If you want to know more about this stylish bar in Los Cabos and its signature drinks, click here.

How to Celebrate National Tequila Day 2023

Now that you know some history of tequila and when is National Tequila Day, you can't let this date pass without celebrating it. In Mexico, National Tequila Day is on March 19, while in the United States it will be Monday, July 24th. If you are Mexican, there are never too many excuses to toast with tequila, so you could celebrate it again. Meet your friends and raise their glasses in honor of Mexico's most representative liquor.

If you're an American, what’s better than celebrating it during a vacation in Mexico! Come to Villa la Valencia Los Cabos and celebrate it big.

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