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6 Things to do on Christmas Day

LIFESTYLE | Published on 16/12/2022
Optimizada christmas activities for families

As the holidays approach and visions of sugarplums dance in your head, you want to have a perfect Christmas with your family, but with many celebrations and get-togethers canceled, it’s time for new ideas for what to do on Christmas Day. Between checking things off your family’s Christmas list ideas and running errands, planning some things to do on Christmas Day in advance will make the holidays a little easier. Let these Christmas activities for families inspire you to start new traditions and make the holidays meaningful.

1. Sing Christmas Carols

A perfect Christmas isn’t complete without carols, and instead of just playing them in the background, put them front and center with a family sing along before opening gifts. You can also take the show on the road and sing carols outside for your neighbors and friends, a classic part of the Christmas celebration that always spreads some cheer.

2. Play a Christmas Version of Party Games

Putting a twist on classic games will give you plenty of Christmas party activities. Create a few rounds of scattergories, pictionary, or trivia with a festive theme. Most of these Christmas party activities don’t require a lot of planning or materials, making it easy to create a last-minute game when kids are done playing with gifts.

3. Grab Bag Gift Exchange

A gift exchange is the centerpiece of most families’ Christmas celebration, and while everyone has their own Christmas list ideas, switch things up by trying a new idea for a grab bag. Try a white elephant exchange, with everyone bringing an item from home to swap. Everyone can also buy a gift card to a local business or restaurant, wrap it with a clue, and put them in the middle to exchange. With these ideas for what to do on Christmas Day, everyone walks away with something unique and unexpected.

4. Bake Holiday Cookies

Eating holiday treats is at the top of most kids’ list of things to do on Christmas Day, and for some quality family time, pull out an old recipe, and bake some Christmas cookies together. Whip up a batch of sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, or pinwheel cookies for your Christmas celebration. Passing on these recipes is one of the most meaningful Christmas activities for families that creates lifelong memories, and if you have extra cookies, take them with you as gifts when you carol for a perfect Christmas gift. 

5. Play the Left-Right Christmas Game

This idea for what to do on Christmas Day combines a gift exchange with a party game. First, fill brown paper bags with treats, small gifts, or coins, enough so that everyone has one to start with. As you read a left-right Christmas story, everyone will pass their bag to the left or right when they hear those words in the story. In the end, everyone ends up with a different bag and a holiday treat. Even if you have a big group, this is one of the best Christmas party activities. 

6. Watch a Holiday Classic

After a full day of activities, one of the most relaxing things to do on Christmas Day is to watch a holiday movie. Whether you go with an old black and white, like It’s a Wonderful Life, or something newer, like Elf, get the family cozied up with holiday PJs and hot cocoa, and relax after a full day of celebrating.

While most Christmas list ideas include the latest gadgets and designer clothes, don’t forget about what really makes Christmas a day to celebrate. Receiving material items pales in comparison to spending the day building memories with those you love. These Christmas activities for families create an atmosphere of warmth and sharing, and while you’ll probably still exchange gifts, they’ll be part of a larger celebration.

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