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Top 10 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

LIFESTYLE | Published on 29/12/2022
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There’s one thing guaranteed to happen near the end of the year and as a new year approaches: the creation of New Year’s resolutions. While there are some unique ones that are specific to people’s individual lives, at least one of the most common new year’s resolutions will make quite a lot of people’s lists this year. Since you might be looking for new year resolution ideas, let’s look at the top 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions.

Even though the success rate of accomplishing your new year’s resolution is less than 50%, it’s always a great idea to start the new year with some direction and intent. Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are pretty on the nose and with some goal setting tips, you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals for the new year.

Some people may go with elaborate 2023 resolutions, but some of the most popular ones are pretty simple. It’s always a great plan to get new year resolution ideas before making your own list, let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions and see how many of them are making your list for the new year 2023.

1. Get in shape and be more active

You’d be surprised how many people set this as their number one new year’s resolution because let’s face it, we’re overstressed and we’ve overeaten throughout the end-of-the-year festivities and holiday celebrations. Being active and getting in shape has many benefits to aid in having a balanced life such as increased energy, stamina, and improved mood through a release of feel-good hormones, among other benefits.

2. Learn something new 

A new year brings new possibilities and nothing says new beginnings than learning something new. There are so many interesting things to bring newfound joy into your life such as a new hobby like playing tennis, sewing, knitting, rollerblading, etc., or a new passion and career path such as getting into tech, traveling, entrepreneurship, marketing, and social media, etc. What will you challenge yourself to learn this year?

3. Lose weight and exercise more

This seems to always make the top 10 because it’s never a bad idea to exercise more. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle, or for medical reasons, the benefits of doing more exercise are plenty and thus a very popular new year’s resolution.

4. Spend less, and save more

After breaking the bank to make the best of the holiday season spending more and doing the most to enjoy life with family and friends, this resolution makes absolute sense. In the new year 2023, there are more things to accomplish, and more fun and adventures to be had, and as such, we’ll need to rebuild the bank and prepare for the next vacation and festive holidays.

5. Break excessive habits - smoking, drinking, social media, etc.

The older we get, the more we realize how much time we lose feeding into our addiction to different vices. This popular new year’s resolution is no easy feat but worth the effort. Imagine all the time and/or money you’ll save by finding healthier coping mechanisms.

6. Travel and vacation more

Work-life balance is hard to juggle when time is moving so fast. So, of course, making more time for vacation and travel is a more popular resolution than you think. And like most people, planning a vacation is dreadful but when you book directly with Villa La Valencia Los Cabos and subscribe to V-Level, our expert representatives will take care of your needs and with that, you can consider one of your 2023 resolutions already checked off the list!

7. Get organized

There is this calmness that comes with being in an organized space. Sometimes all the momentum we need to propel our rate of success or pace is getting organized. The peace and zen a room bring when everything has its own place. Getting organized might be just what your workflow and productivity need to maximize your rate of success.

8. Spend more time with family and friends

It’s the simple pleasures that bring the most joy but sometimes finding the time is not as simple. Time is flying by so fast, those who’ve missed out on special moments with family and friends in the past should commit to these types of 2023 resolutions to ensure quality time is had.

9. Read more books

What’s a better way to aid your growth and evolution along than to learn about other people’s experiences, imagination, and wisdom through reading books? This is the perfect new year’s resolution to do with an accountability partner. All you have to do is compile a reading list for the year and schedule a reading session weekly or daily. You’ll read several books in no time and be better for it. 

10. Live life to the fullest

And of course, the top 10 most popular new year’s resolutions would not be complete without living life to the fullest. Quite a lot of people get lost in the world of to-do lists and busy schedules and forget to enjoy their hard labor in the here and now. So when the end of the year creeps up on us, we tend to remember that we only have one life and we should live life to the fullest. You’re bound to have a fun year with this new year’s resolution on your list!

So, how many of the top 10 most popular new year’s resolutions made your list? Never forget to use the SMART goals framework (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive) to help to achieve your new year’s resolution more successfully.

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