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Bartenders Share Their Must-Try Cocktails and Where to Enjoy Them

NEWS | Published on 09/03/2022
Optimizada bartenders share their must try cocktails

Albert Einstein once said, “A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory.” Think about it, you can give several talented bartenders the same list of ingredients and each will probably concoct special drinks and fancy cocktails with varying tastes and flavors.

So, what’s your poison? Some people stick to classic drinks while others love to venture outside the box and try unique creations. Either way, once you find the right bartender to make the perfect concoction just the way you like it, your life will never be the same.

While vacationing in Mexico, there are some must-try cocktails by experienced bartenders and popular drinks in Mexico that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. And in honor of Bartender Day, Lux Exposé published a roundup article titled “Bartenders Share Their Must-Try Cocktails and Where to Enjoy Them.” Bartenders mentioned must-try cocktails from travel destinations like Los Cabos, Playa del Carmen, Hawaii, and several cities in the US. Where did you have your most interesting cocktail?

The article features 9 must-try cocktails ranging from classic drinks like Moscow Mule and Tropical Mojito to fancy cocktails like Some Like it Hot and Piloncillo from Villa la Valencia Los Cabos. Some names are more obvious than others, for example, Papaya Piña Colada or Just Beet it. While others like Piano Man, Singapore Sling, and Bespoke Mocktail will have you wondering what the ingredients or flavor is like. 

What flavors do you look for in a fancy cocktail? If you like it sweet with balanced layers of flavors, we'd strongly recommend trying the Villa La Valencia’s signature Piloncillo cocktail is crafted by Carlos Valdez Avila, an expert bartender that specializes in signature cocktails and popular drinks in Mexico, included in the ranking of Lux Exposé as one of the most iconic drinks to enjoy.

The Piloncillo cocktail captures the essence of this staple Mexican ingredient highlighting tasting notes including caramel, rum, and smokiness. The boozy libation features whiskey, Amaretto Disaronno (Italian almond liqueur), piloncillo syrup scented with star anise and lemon juice, and topped with refreshing lemon and rosemary.

Bartender Day may be over but the special drinks keep on coming. And what's better than a fancy cocktail bursting with flavor, enjoying a must-try cocktail with an alluring breathtaking view. When you visit The Jolla Lobby Bar at Villa La Valencia, that is exactly what you get. This beautifully designed all-inclusive resort is perfectly located on Golden Beach in Los Cabos.

Lux Exposé certainly knows where to find the best cocktails in Los Cabos, so what are you waiting for? Come for the special drinks and you'll stay for the view and incomparable service.

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