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Is Los Cabos safe for Tourists?

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 31/12/2021
Optimizada is los cabos mexico safe for tourists

Los Cabos is famous for being an international tourist destination. From San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas, the coastline is filled with beautiful beaches and large hotels. These two cities offer a variety of excellent restaurants, boutiques, and vibrant nightlife. The first time you venture out of your hotel at night, you’ll probably wonder, “Is Los Cabos safe for tourists?”. However, you'll discover quickly that there is nothing to worry about.

As a destination that is based on tourism, the reality is that all its infrastructure is world-class. The same applies to its services, both private and public. Federal and local authorities take great care to ensure that Los Cabos and its nearby towns are safe places to travel in Mexico.

Is Los Cabos Safe?

Yes! It is safe to use any of the existing public transportation services, however, wearing your masks is recommended. It is also safe to walk around on the streets. Don't miss the opportunity to explore walking with your family or with your partner! That's how you'll discover those little gems and unique places that you could have missed being aboard a vehicle.

Current COVID-19 Travel Advisory

Almost two years have passed since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, and it finally seems like everything is beginning to be less rigid. Even so, the health authorities recommend that we continue with the preventive measures that we are all aware of.The use of masks, frequent sanitization of hands and surfaces with sanitizing gel as well as checking temperatures have all become part of our day-to-day life. To ensure residents and tourists alike are safe in Los Cabos, Mexico, all businesses and public places continue to observe these standards unequivocally.

This, however, doesn't stop tourists from enjoying this wonderful destination. Once these requirements are met, you can eat at your favorite restaurants, take any of the fun tours available, and of course take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful beaches.

Mexico Travel Warnings

Although there are currently no travel warnings and covid-19 vaccination is not a requirement to enter Mexico, vaccination against covid-19 is already a requirement in some countries to cross their borders. For example, travelers wishing to enter the United States as tourists should be fully vaccinated. In addition, at least 14 days have elapsed since the vaccination was administered.

For American citizens, this is not a requirement, but they must submit a negative covid-19 test at the time they return to their country. In case of contracting the disease abroad, they must have a document certifying their recovery before boarding their flight home.

Mexico’s Risk Monitoring System

In Mexico, a system was implemented to monitor active COVID-19 cases by the state of the republic. As a result, the risk level is classified with a semaphore system, using green, yellow, orange, and red. Towns, cities, and states are labeled based on the severity of Covid cases. Red signifies a high risk and often leads to lockdowns or a lot of restrictions. Those in orange are also at risk but with fewer restrictions, while yellow is medium risks and green means little to no risks. Currently, Baja California Sur - where Los Cabos is located - and virtually the rest of Mexico is classified as green. So if your concern is whether Los Cabos is on the list of safe places to travel in Mexico, the answer is yes.

The Mexican government has implemented a national vaccination campaign starting with elderly people to young adults, and children are now being vaccinated. There are actually no travel warnings for Los Cabos, Mexico. Covid-19 cases have been declining throughout the country and a large part of the population is already vaccinated.

A completely safe destination

If you still have doubts about whether Los Cabos is safe for tourists, consider that thousands of people visiting this destination year after year couldn’t be wrong. Their countless positive social media reviews may be what's left for you to be convinced.

So don't second guess yourself, book your vacation to paradise now. All your doubts and concerns will be erased the moment your toes touch the sand and you see the emerald green ocean. Here you will find the tranquility and relaxation that you long for and deserve.

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