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Los Cabos, The World’s First Health Secure Destination from Sharecare and Forbes

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 08/04/2021
Optimizada lands end los cabos mexico

As the world begins the return to normalcy after a year of pandemic, more and more people are looking for safe places to travel now, and as they search, they are turning to the organizations that promote the use of safe COVID protocols and the establishments recognized in the travel industry for their health and sanitation guidelines. Los Cabos Mexico, one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, has been included on numerous lists for its high health and cleanliness standards that have kept locals and visitors safe throughout the destination in the battle against COVID-19. Joining the list of organizations to recognize the efforts of the Los Cabos Tourism Board and the local business community are Forbes Travel Guide and the digital health company, Sharecare. The two have worked together to create the quality health Sharecare VERIFIED™ with Forbes Travel Guide badge for destinations that complete and maintain more than 360 global health security standards. Los Cabos Mexico is the world’s first health secure destination to receive this certification.

Sharecare VERIFIED™ with Forbes Travel Guide Badge

The quality health Sharecare app brings together the health information everyone needs, connecting individual citizens, healthcare providers, government organizations, and communities. In the past several months, the company saw the global community’s growing desire to visit safe places to travel now. With the intention of keeping everyone safe, the company realized the need for an assessment that would help the travel industry implement top health measures and give travelers confidence and peace of mind. With the support of Forbes Travel Guide, Sharecare created a stringent assessment for resorts, hotels, and venues with over 360 health and safety standards based on advice from world medical experts, covering everything from sanitation to ventilation, management accountability, and social distancing. The hotels that meet these standards can proudly display their VERIFIED™ badge, giving guests the peace of mind that comes when knowing that their health is being protected.

Is Los Cabos Safe?

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Los Cabos Tourism Board has helped steer the community through the challenge of balancing health concerns with economic needs. For months, resorts kept their doors closed, and the beaches were quiet. The area’s economy is based in tourism, and when travelers started to return, the Los Cabos Tourism Board helped businesses implement health measures and preventive protocols to ensure that the local community was safe. Because of this, the majority of local hotels and resorts were able to meet the quality health Sharecare assessment and receive their VERIFIED™ badges, making Los Cabos Mexico one of the most safe places to travel now.

Los Cabos Among the Top Safe Places to Travel in Mexico

Los Cabos has long prided itself on being one of the best Mexico destinations and a welcoming community to travelers from around the world, but when people ask “Is Los Cabos safe?”, they’re now more focused on health and sanitation. With so many resorts receiving the VERIFIED™ badge, Sharecare recognized the entire destination of Los Cabos as the first health secure destination. Not only is it one of the best Mexico destinations, but it’s now one of the safest. Because travelers from the US and Canada will need to take a COVID test before flying home, it’s important to know that you’re in a community that’s prioritizing your health. Los Cabos is also one of the most safe places to travel in Mexico with the fresh ocean breeze and plenty of outdoor activities that are naturally socially distanced, like paddleboarding, hiking, and snorkeling. Knowing that you’re in one of the safest and best Mexico destinations will give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy traveling in Los Cabos.

To know is Los Cabos safe, travelers only need to look at the VERIFIED™ badge, and with confidence in the stringent assessment behind this certification, you can relax and unwind while lounging by the pool or sailing on the sea. Strolling along the beach and exploring Los Cabos while on exciting tours is even better when you know you’re in one of the most safe places to travel in Mexico.

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