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Eloping vs Wedding - What is the Difference?

WEDDINGS | Published on 30/03/2021
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This year, more couples are choosing to have a small intimate wedding, and now, eloping is starting to become one of the 2021 wedding trends. What does it mean to elope? The phrase used to conjure up ideas of hasty weddings in Las Vegas or couples trying to avoid a scandal, but these days, eloping gives couples the opportunity to have simple and intimate ceremonies in their home towns or exotic locations. Every couple is different with a unique love story, and exploring destination wedding options and the difference between elopement and wedding will help you write the perfect next chapter.

What Does it Mean to Elope?

The old definition of an elopement wedding meant a couple running away from home and getting married without telling their family or friends, but now, the term doesn’t imply a scandal or require you to run off in the middle of the night. Some couples use this term for well-planned ceremonies that involve just immediate family while others opt to elope with just an officiant present. The main difference between elopement and wedding is the number of guests, and the variety of places to elope range from the top of a mountain in Italy to a beloved family home. To combine the ceremony with the honeymoon, many couples have a destination wedding in a foreign city and then spend a week relaxing and exploring. Whether you’ve planned out all the details of a small intimate wedding with a few family members or you are running off without telling anyone, what it means to elope varies for every couple.

Why do Couples Elope?

Today, couples debating between eloping vs wedding have all sorts of reasons for their decisions. For some, it’s a financial choice, and having a small intimate wedding gives them the ability to make a down payment on a home or have a dream honeymoon. Others prefer the simplicity and want to avoid the stress of planning a traditional wedding. Some couples want to have a destination wedding but don’t want to burden friends and family with the cost of traveling to a foriegn destination. In the end, what’s most important is for couples to make the best choice for them that will make their day meaningful and romantic.

What are the Benefits of Eloping vs Wedding?

There are some other benefits to consider when choosing between eloping vs wedding. For couples who love to travel, the variety of exotic and romantic places to elope draws them to stunning destinations around the world, giving them mountains, oceans, and forests as backdrops for their vows. The excitement of traveling adds magic to the ceremony, and the memories and location will always be meaningful. When you look at what are elopement wedding benefits, the other main factor is cost. The main things to pay for will be wedding outfits, any flowers, the officiant, legal fees, and any small celebration afterwards. While the biggest difference between elopement and wedding is the cost, you can choose to splurge on some things or keep your budget small.

What are Appropriate Elopement Wedding Dresses?

When brides would run away in the night to get secretly married, their dresses were very simple and usually something they already owned, but today, elopement wedding dresses range from simple and casual to flowy and elegant. A simple courthouse elopement dress isn’t typically floor length, and many brides who elope prefer something simple and casual. On the other hand, brides getting married in gorgeous places to elope around the world typically spend more on an elegant dress. However, because an elopement isn’t a traditional wedding, there are no rules on what to wear, and some elopement wedding dresses are colorful, and some brides wear suits or pants instead.

There is no single definition for an elopement wedding, and while they’re all small, some are in an exotic location and others are at home. Couples can choose more traditional outfits or wear whatever they’re comfortable in. As you make plans and book a venue, you can spend as much or as little as you want on the day. No matter what your ceremony and reception look like, doing what makes you comfortable and planning something meaningful are the most important factors.

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