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Romantic Proposal Ideas For 2023

WEDDINGS | Published on 23/01/2023
Optimizada wedding proposals

When you’ve found the one, you just know it! And if marriage is the goal, the perfect wedding proposal is the next step, which can be somewhat daunting. Deciding the best places to propose in order to pull off the big surprise, or even how simple or grand you should go varies from couple to couple.

Fortunately, there are many romantic proposal ideas for 2023 that you’re bound to find the one that will sweep your partner off their feet. 

It takes more than knowing what your partner wants to plan the best proposal. You’ll also need help putting it all together without your future spouse finding out. This is where a professional comes into play.

A professional makes the process so much easier and with their expertise, they’ll help you to find creative ways to propose and present them to you. Do you already have some marriage proposal ideas in mind? 

Having your partner get dressed for a big surprise they don’t know about must be so exciting. With plenty will you marry me ideas floating around on the internet, people can get caught up and feel overwhelmed trying to decide the way to do the best proposal.

Suffice it to say, there are many creative ways to propose, and we’ve compiled a list of 5 romantic proposal ideas for 2023 to help you plan the perfect proposal.

1. Set up a Romantic Trip with a Stroll on the Beach to a Romantic Dinner

Take a bae-cation or weekend trip to the coast or another city. What seemed like an innocent stroll on the beach or hike becomes a grand gesture when your partner sees custom neon signage and marquee letters (usually spelling out the words "Marry Me").

These are growing in popularity for wedding proposals and are usually accompanied by petals, lights, or even fireworks. 

2. Schedule a Photo Shoot with a Proposal Twist

According to, “In 2022, about 1 in 4 proposers say they hired a professional to help, nearly doubling since 2019.” Whether it is a professional photographer, proposal planner, caterer, or even friends and family, you’ll definitely need help and even more so, the grander the proposal.

Hire a professional photographer, decide on a theme or type of set and let them in on the secret signal to capture the “down on one knee” moment.

With a couple’s photoshoot as a gift to your partner, you can mask the reason you need them to be all dressed up without suspecting anything. After all, everyone deserves to look their best when that ring gets slipped on that finger.

During the shoot, professionally capture moments before and after you pop the question without your partner ever seeing it coming.

3. Embrace the Season or Theme 

Is your partner a theme, season, or holiday fanatic? Plan the perfect proposal around your partner's favorite holiday, season, or theme. Imagine a winter-in-wonderland-themed proposal for winter lovers or the aesthetics of an outdoor picnic proposal in the middle of fall when the leaves and trees have changed colors and the air is fresh and cool. People have used their loved one’s favorite holiday and incorporated it.

4. Book a Private Luxury Sunset Sail

Propose to the one you love with the backdrop of the sun as it kisses the horizon and bids us farewell. Imagine the picture-perfect moments to be out at sea as the sunset paints the sky in bright and pastel colors.

Incorporate live music to serenade your partner and when they least expect it or when the sun starts to set, profess your undying love. Not an ocean lover, what other will you marry me ideas have you thought of?

5. Book a Romantic Penthouse with a Personal Chef

Simply book your stay with one of the best luxury all inclusive resorts in one of Mexico’s top beach destinations, for instance, Villa La Valencia Los Cabos. You can always put a note in your reservation that you plan to propose and your concierge would be happy to help you plan everything.

From decorating your penthouse with rose petals, marquee letters, lights, etc. to even having a personal chef to prepare an in-suite dinner to celebrate your engagement. 

Whether you propose on an airplane or the Eiffel Tower, organize a flash mob or hike to a breathtaking view, or keep it low-key at home with roses and pictures showing your lives together hanging from the ceiling, there’s no one-size-fits-all wedding proposal because no couple is the same.

So have fun planning, and simply do it from the heart. 

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