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Try these Body Treatments at Azul Wellness Spa

WELLNESS | Published on 14/02/2023
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If you're used to pampering yourself with massages and spa treatments, you know that the skill of the therapists matters as much as the facilities and the ambiance where they lavishly offer their service. Experience the epitome of a spa that has the perfect combination of the ideal location and extraordinary service, it's time to get a massage and try these body treatments at Azul Wellness Spa.

Located within the magnificent Villa La Valencia hotel complex, Azul Wellness Spa is a place perfectly designed for total relaxation. From the moment you enter, you will feel a special connection with this wellness spa in Los Cabos. It has 7 single cabins and 2 double cabins for couples, where you can receive massages, treatments, and rituals for skin care together.

Its incredible hydrotherapy circuit deserves a special mention, from which you will come out refreshed after immersing yourself in its vitality pools. Get all the benefits of water at different temperatures by going through the complete circuit!

Massages at Azul Wellness Spa

If you go to a wellness spa, it's not only because it's a charming place, but also because of the quality of its services. Put yourself in the hands of expert masseuses and therapists at Azul Wellness Spa, who work with products from the best brands to give you an experience you'll never forget.

Whether you are looking for a full body massage, a happy feet massage, or simply an effective but cheap massage, here are some of our most requested massages for you to try the next time you visit us. Massages last from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the type of massage you choose.

  • Deep Tissue Massage: Get rid of stress! This full body massage is performed with medium to strong pressure; it is focused on undoing the knots generated by stress, leaving you totally relaxed, you will feel light as a feather!
  • Swedish Massage: Although offered in many spas, you may be asking, “what is a Swedish massage?”. It is a kind of gentle massage, which is applied by making sliding or circular movements over the areas to be treated, with varying degrees of pressure. But the best way for you to know what is a Swedish massage is to experience it, and nobody does it like us!
  • Pre-Hispanic hot stone and copal massage: An ancestral technique that combines hand massage with hot stones -which are energy conductors- aligns the chakras along the body. Feel how much your soul will thank you for this energy balance!
  • Sports massage: This full body massage combines vigorous movements and stretching to release muscle tension. It is recommended for athletes or anyone who likes to try intense therapy that relaxes the muscles.

Blue Signature Massages and Experiences

  • Total Tranquility Massage: Give your body rest and your mind peace. This massage combines aromatherapy with essential oils and reflexology (also known as happy feet massage) to take you to a deep state of relaxation.
  • Serenity Massage: This gentle massage is performed with pindas, which are compresses made with a mixture of herbs that enhance their properties when combined with each other. These pindas are heated to release their aromas and then gently pressed on your muscles.
  • Celestial Journey: This experience begins with a body exfoliation, followed by a relaxing mask, and finally a 50-minute massage performed according to your particular needs.
  • Detoxifying Treatment: It starts with a seaweed exfoliation followed by a body wrap with two different clays; then you will receive a vigorous massage and finally a dip in our cold pit to contract your muscles again and activate your blood circulation.

Exfoliations and skincare rituals

At Azul Wellness Spa we have different treatments and rituals to exfoliate and renew your skin, leaving it smooth and silky. 

  • Eternal Beauty Ritual: Renew your complexion with this incredible anti-aging facial! Its ingredients deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, giving it back its firmness. This ritual is a favorite at our wellness spa in Los Cabos.
  • Diamond Cocoon Healing Ritual: Daily toxins from the environment are deposited on our epidermis without us even realizing it. This facial is designed to protect your face against external factors that pollute the skin.

These are some of our recommendations, but the reality is that you will love all the services of Azul Wellness Spa. If you want to enjoy one of our excellent massages at the price of a cheap massage, ask about our promotions.

You can make your reservation by emailing, calling +1(877)897-1931, or visiting our website directly. Our wellness spa is an excellent choice for a day of relaxation, a special occasion with your partner or simply to release muscle tension. Book your next appointment now!

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