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The Top 5 Destinations in Mexico to Explore in 2024

DESTINATION | Published on 07/05/2024
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We are a quarter of the way into 2024, which means if you haven’t started planning your yearly vacation, you had better get started. 2024 brings the perfect opportunity to explore and if you’re looking for where to go on vacation, Mexico’s coastlines are the perfect choice. 

The country offers the best family vacation destinations for those seeking vibrant cultural experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable adventures. From pristine beaches to charming colonial towns, each of these Mexico vacation destinations offers a host of incredible experiences for you and your travel companions. 

Why Travel to Mexico?

The best vacation destinations in Mexico perfectly blend ancient traditions with modern allure, giving visitors a wealth of incredible things to do throughout their visit. The irresistible Mexican charm, diverse landscapes, and rich culture of the country will have you enchanted throughout your stay. 

Whether you’re a history buff eager to explore ancient ruins, a foodie craving culinary delights, or a beach lover seeking sun-soaked shores, Mexico has just what you need for a memorable vacation. If you can’t decide where to go on vacation, choose one of the popular Mexican destinations listed below and find out just why they’ve made the list as the best places to visit in Mexico. 

people in los cabos

Los Cabos

It is no secret that Los Cabos has long topped the list of popular Mexican destinations. Frequented by everyone from A-List celebrities to families with small children, this is one of the best Mexico vacation destinations for exploring the unique natural beauty that blankets the country. From vibrant coral reefs teeming with sea life to the rolling desert landscapes, you’ll have plenty to explore on your vacation. 

Things to Do in Los Cabos

  • For the Adventurer: Embark on an ATV or off-road tour through the rugged desert terrain and explore hidden canyons and remote beaches along the way or take your adventuring out to sea on a sport fishing excursion, scuba diving adventure, or whale watching tour.
  • For the History Buff: Wander through the charming cobblestone streets lined with art galleries in San Jose del Cabo or visit a nearby town on a day trip, such as Todo Santos, to experience the historic charm of Baja California. 
  • For the Foodie: Los Cabos is known for its succulent seafood scene and Baja has a unique take on traditional Mexican food, which you must try when visiting.
  • For the Family: Los Cabos is one of the best family vacation destinations because there is so much to do for travelers of every age. Start off by reserving your stay at one of the top all-inclusive resorts with a kids’ club or a lazy river, and then pick from a range of activities, such as visiting Wild Canyon Adventure Park, where you can go zip lining, ride camels through the desert, visit an animal sanctuary, and splash around in a water park.
  • For the Relaxer: Spend the day indulging at one of Cabo’s day spas. There are a few places that top this list, such as the Azul Wellness Center and the Desert Spa, that offer incredible services and hydrotherapy so that you can make the most of your time. 

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puerto vallarta beach

Puerto Vallarta

This stunning destination is one of the best places to visit in Mexico if you want a vacation that has it all. Nestled between mountains and sea, the city is so naturally beautiful that you’ll be enchanted from the moment you arrive and when you add its elements of adventure and its rich culinary scene, you’ll never want to leave. 

Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

  • For the Adventurer: Head out on a zip line tour through the jungle, take an ATV tour over Jorullo Bridge, a 1542-foot-long suspension bridge, or take the hike from Boca de Tomatlán to Las Animas, taking dips in the ocean along the way. 
  • For the History Buff: Not too far from Puerto Vallarta is a town called Tequila, the home of the beloved Mexican spirit. Book a day trip and discover the rich history of Tequila, how its made, and the ancient traditions that have placed Tequila on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • For the Foodie: Puerto Vallarta is one of the best vacation destinations in Mexico if you’re looking for a superior culinary scene. There are a number of restaurants that offer mouthwatering meals and they range from high-end dining to succulent street tacos. 
  • For the Family: Take your kids on a pirate adventure they’ll never forget on the Marigalante morning tour. Visit the Malecon and discover the statues, living art, and diverse shows at the Los Arcos amphitheater. 
  • For the Relaxed: If you’re in the mood to relax, spend the afternoon perusing the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens, indulging at the spa, or strolling the beaches in the early morning or at sunset.

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cancun from the drone


Long considered one of the best vacation destinations in Mexico, Cancun is the place to be if you want unique cultural experiences or parties that go on all night. Drawing in travelers from all over, this is one of the most popular Mexican destinations, renowned for its turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and sweeping natural beauty. 

In addition to frolicking on the shores, the destination is home to a wealth of activities and a close look at what pre-Hispanic life would have been like. 

Things to Do in Cancun

  • For the Adventurer: Go diving with whale sharks, spend the day at Xcaret or Xel-ha, or go swimming in nearby cenotes.
  • For the History Buff: Visit the ancient ruins of Chichen-Itza, Tulum, El Rey, or Yamil Lu'um for a glimpse into the pre-Hispanic Mayan civilization. 
  • For the Foodie: Cancun is well-known for a lot, but being a foodie’s paradise isn’t it. That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t find a delicious array of authentic Mexican Cuisine and Yucatecan delights. If you are venturing out of your hotel, book one of the many food tours and discover the hidden culinary gems the city has to offer.
  • For the Family: If you’re looking for a kid-friendly excursion, take the family to Ventura Park for a day filled with fun and adventure or hit up one of the theme nights at your hotel where you’re sure to find music, dancing, and interactive games. 
  • For the Relaxed: For a laid-back adventure, book a sailing tour, visit Isla Mujeres, or bask in the glory of hydro-therapy at your hotel’s spa. 


Riviera Nayarit

Once a promising extension of Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit has converted itself into one of the top Mexico vacation destinations. While less mountainous than its sister destination, the rolling hills and stunning beaches of this tropical paradise provide just the right backdrop for endless memories. With a variety of beach towns, endless expanses of sandy seascapes, and a wealth of exciting things to do, Riviera Nayarit is a fantastic destination for every type of traveler. 

Things to Do in Riviera Nayarit

  • For the Adventurer: Visit the Hidden Beach at Marietas Islands, soar through the air on an Extreme Adventure, or hike to the top of Monkey Mountain for sweeping views of the surrounding coastline. 
  • For the History Buff: Take a day trip to San Sebastián, an old mining town nestled in the mountains. With rich history and the same cultural charm it had decades ago, this is a great way to see another side of Mexico. 
  • For the Foodie: Much like its sister destination, Riviera Nayarit has a bountiful culinary scene marked by gourmet restaurants, fancy culinary festivals, and a unique take on Mexican cuisine. 
  • For the Family: Spend the day visiting one of the nearby surf towns, such as San Pancho or Sayulita. Lounge in the sand on Nuevo Nayarit Beach, a huge stretch of sand that borders the hotel zone just north of Puerto Vallarta. Or, spend the day swimming with dolphins and playing with sea lions. 
  • For the Relaxed: Riviera Nayarit is a great place for spending your days relaxing poolside, strolling down the beach, and pampering yourself at the luxurious day spas. There are even a number of activities, such as yoga and meditation classes that will help you relax during your visit. 

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loreto photo


Among the newest Mexico vacation destinations, Loreto is a gem waiting to be explored. The town still holds its historic charm, but the nearby resorts and golf course blast you into modern comforts that are simply irresistible. With a wealth of unique adventures and fun for the whole family, a trip to Loreto is a must on every traveler’s bucket list.

Things to Do in Loreto

  • For the Adventurer: Head out to see the impressive Blue Whale or embark on a deep sea fishing excursion.
  • For the History Buff: Witness the cave paintings at La Pinguica, explore the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto or the San Javier Mission, or simply walk around the historic center for a touch of authentic Mexican living. 
  • For the Foodie: Dine on a number of delicacies you’ll only find in Loreto, including Chocolate Clams and fresh ceviche. 
  • For the Family: Make the Sea of Cortez your playground as you explore the shallow waters of the Bay of Loreto National Park aboard a kayak, paddle board, or while snorkeling. 
  • For the Relaxed: Play a round of golf at Mexico’s Best Golf Course, TPC Danzante Bay. Built in 2016, this gem was designed for tournament play but caters to the levels of all golfers. If you aren’t up for teeing off, you can simply spend all day exploring the nearby hiking trails or mesmerized by the awe-inspiring views. 

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