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24 Incredible Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas in 2024

If you're planning your next getaway and looking for fun things to do on vacation, look no further than the breathtaking paradise of Cabo San Lucas. Nestled on the southern tip of Mexico's Baja…

Published on 28.02.2024


8 Mind-Blowing Facts That Make Los Cabos a Must-Visit for Whale Watching

Whale watching in Los Cabos isn't just an activity; it's an enchanting spectacle that draws in enthusiasts from around the globe. Here are eight compelling reasons why this destination stands out as a…

Published on 29.11.2023


Navigating the Seas: Pro Tips for First-Time Whale Watchers

Whale watching is an exhilarating experience that allows you to witness the majesty of these gentle giants in their natural habitat. However, timing your adventure is crucial to maximize your chances…

Published on 29.11.2023


7 Thrilling Activities and Extreme Sports in Los Cabos

Are you an adrenaline junkie in search of heart-pounding experiences and breathtaking vistas? Look no further than Los Cabos, Mexico, a paradise for adventure seekers. Nestled between the stunning Sea…

Published on 29.08.2023


Top Free and Cheap Things to Do in Los Cabos

Don’t let a tight budget hold you back from experiencing the best of Baja and the Los Cabos activities that make a vacation to the west coast of Mexico well worth your while. The fascinating…

Published on 26.06.2023


Unveiling the Best of Los Cabos Mexico Tourist Attractions

Los Cabos, Mexico is a destination that seamlessly combines natural splendor, opulent resorts, and a myriad of captivating activities and tourist attractions to create an unparalleled vacation…

Published on 09.06.2023


Todos Santos: The Next Magical Town That Will Be Trending

Nestled on the beautiful Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico, lies the enchanting town of Todos Santos.This idyllic destination is not only blessed with pristine beaches and stunning natural…

Published on 04.05.2023


How Good Is Baja California Wine? - The Ultimate Answer

Mexican wine is an underappreciated treasure, often overlooked in favor of the more renowned wine-producing regions like France, Italy, or California.However, with an increasing number of awards and…

Published on 04.04.2023


11 Tips For A Stress-Free Family Vacation

Going on vacation with your family can be a great way to bond and create lasting memories. However, planning and executing family travel can also be stressful and overwhelming.With a bit of planning…

Published on 28.03.2023


Places to Visit in Los Cabos for Free

A vacation can be expensive: airfare, hotel, cabs, restaurants and dining out, tours, souvenirs, tips, etc. In the end, we always tend to spend more than we had planned. However, a good idea to not…

Published on 31.01.2023


Reasons to Spend Christmas in Los Cabos

Christmas is fast approaching and tis' the season to be merry. A Christmas vacation with your toes in the sand and your favorite beverage in hand is just what the doctor ordered. The holidays should…

Published on 09.12.2022


Los Cabos vs Cancun. Which is More Fun for Families?

You have to admit when you think of vacations filled with fun adventures, rich culture, and beautiful views, Mexico comes to mind. And having 32 states makes it even more impressive because you have…

Published on 05.08.2022


Where is Los Cabos

You've probably heard of Los Cabos, Mexico. It’s internationally known because it’s one of the top tourist destinations in North America. It is not only popular for its beautiful beaches, but also for…

Published on 11.07.2022


Things to do this Summer in Los Cabos

Summer is here, so let the adventures and endless fun in the sun begin! There’s no way you’re planning to stay home this summer when most places around the world are slowly going back to normal. There…

Published on 24.06.2022


Father's Day 2023: Date and Activities in Los Cabos Mexico

Vacations in Los Cabos for families are exciting experiences, filled with new adventures and plenty of time spent together enjoying the simplicity of splashing in the waves and swimming in the pool…

Published on 20.06.2022


The Most Instagrammable Places in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a popular vacation destination known for its breathtaking views of the beach, desert, and mountainous landscapes, some of the world’s most luxurious resorts, and other Los Cabos tourist…

Published on 02.05.2022


Cabo San Lucas with Kids

Mexico is one of the best places to vacation with kids, and if you’re looking for somewhere safe with plenty of family activities, head to Cabo San Lucas. This city is one of the most popular…

Published on 25.04.2022


Travel Guide to Los Cabos Mexico

If you are a frequent traveler, you know how important it is to have good recommendations that guide you during your trip. So, here's a travel guide to Los Cabos, Mexico. As one of Mexico's top…

Published on 30.03.2022


Where is the Sea of Cortez

Dive into the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and live your most adventurous life! On the west coast of Mexico, you’ll find some of the most attractive tourist destinations. The Sea of Cortez is one of the…

Published on 18.03.2022


Day Trips from Los Cabos: Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Todos Santos

There are many types of travelers. Some like to stay at an all-inclusive resort and just like to go from the pool to the beach and vice versa. Others prefer to go out and explore the surrounding…

Published on 09.02.2022


Best Places and Towns to Visit in Los Cabos

Mexico is on everyone’s travel list but where are the best beach towns in Mexico? The answer is simple, Los Cabos! This popular vacation destination is known for its luxury all inclusive resorts like…

Published on 02.02.2022


Tips to Stay Safe in Los Cabos

Like most places in the world, it doesn't hurt to take certain precautions when traveling. Let's discuss several ways to stay safe in Los Cabos. With recent travel warnings issued by the US President…

Published on 28.12.2021


Los Cabos Mexico Tourist Attractions

There are so many unique tourist attractions in Los Cabos, Mexico that it is difficult to decide which one to mention first. Tourists who visit this paradisiacal destination have discovered that they…

Published on 09.12.2021


Top 10 Cheap and Free Things to Do in Los Cabos

It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary and have helped to create some of the most unforgettable memories. Therefore, you’ll find many fun activities to do in Los Cabos, one of…

Published on 26.10.2021


5 Fun Facts About Los Cabos

Nowadays, when you plan to travel to a new place on vacation, practically all the information available on the internet is similar. They tell you about how beautiful it is, the places you can visit…

Published on 06.10.2021


Frequently Asked Questions About Los Cabos

Los Cabos is perhaps the most famous destination in Mexico, attracting all sorts of world travelers, from the rich and famous of Hollywood to college students taking a break from classes. What does…

Published on 03.09.2021


Best Time to Go to Los Cabos

Taking a beach vacation is always a good idea, and in Los Cabos, you’ll find warm tropical weather and coastal activities that will surpass your expectations. As you dream of days on the beach and…

Published on 25.08.2021


Is Los Cabos the Same as Cabo San Lucas?

Located on the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico, but even if you’ve traveled to the area, you may still be asking “Is Los Cabos the…

Published on 16.08.2021


Weather by Month - Best Time to go to Los Cabos

Los Cabos is known for its warm weather and clear skies, and while you’ll never see any snow here, the city does experience seasonal changes. When you look at the Cabo San Lucas weather by month…

Published on 29.04.2021


The Top Attractions in Los Cabos, Mexico

Whether you come to Los Cabos for a destination wedding or a family vacation, the variety of activities and adventures will easily fill your days, and every type of traveler will find things to do in…

Published on 09.03.2021


5 Things to Do for a Romantic Couple Vacation in Los Cabos

When it comes to where is a romantic place to go on vacation, the beaches of Mexico is always a classic choice, and while many travelers take a Los Cabos vacation for their honeymoons, anniversaries…

Published on 09.02.2021


Cabo Pulmo National Park

Cabo Pulmo National Park is one of the world’s greatest treasures. This spot of nationally protected sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws scientists, explorers, and travelers from all over…

Published on 08.10.2020


Los Cabos Weather: What to Expect in the Paradise?

Cabo San Lucas is paradise all year long, but what many people might not know is that the Cabo weather forecast changes throughout the year with the seasons. From the cooler winters to the warm days…

Published on 17.09.2020


Blue Flag Beaches in Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is famous for its golden beaches and sparkling blue waters, but only the best beaches in Cabo are Blue Flag beaches. This international title recognizes Cabo San Lucas beaches for their…

Published on 24.07.2020


5 Ideal Destinations in Mexico to Go on Vacation

The best Mexico vacation destinations are along the country’s golden shorelines, where palm trees sway in the tropical breeze and waves gently crash into soft sands. All of the Mexico beach…

Published on 17.07.2020


5 Reasons to Visit Los Cabos in Summer

Family summer vacations are the perfect time to build lifelong memories away from the rush of busy schedules, work, and to-do lists, and the best summer vacation destinations are by the sea. In the…

Published on 06.04.2020


Which is Better, Los Cabos or La Paz?

While Cabo San Lucas is one of the most famous travel destinations in Mexico, there are several other cities on the Baja Peninsula that attract travelers from around the world. One of the growing…

Published on 26.03.2020


The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo

With travelers from around the world longing to bask in the tropical beauty of Mexico, there’s a number of Cabo San Lucas frequently asked questions that are searched every day. Despite its…

Published on 09.03.2020


Travel Guide: What You Should Know if You Travel to Los Cabos

There are a million reasons to visit Los Cabos, from the sparkling sea to the sizzling tacos, and if you're preparing for Los Cabos Mexico vacations, there are a few things you should know to make the…

Published on 21.02.2020

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