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7 Simple Tips for Living Sustainably on Earth Day and Beyond

You can’t seem to go anywhere these days without someone or something reminding you that living sustainably is important. Whether you’re scrolling through social media and stumble upon a sustainable…

Published on 03.04.2024


Women in Politics: Achievements and Challenges in the Fight for Equality

Without a doubt, women have made progress over the years in the fight for equality but there is still much to be done. From the battle for equal pay to the war for comparable healthcare opportunities…

Published on 12.03.2024


10 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to express your love than with a thoughtful, handmade gift? Whether you just want some cute decorations for your office, classroom, or…

Published on 23.01.2024


Exploring Christmas Eve in Mexico: Traditions, Culture, and Cuisine

In Mexico, the Christmas season unfolds as a tapestry woven from vibrant celebrations, religious customs, and the cherished embrace of family unity. Distinct from other global festivities, Mexican…

Published on 20.12.2023


6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Your Loved Ones

With the holidays fast approaching, you're probably already dreaming of sugar plum fairies and a perfect Christmas with your family. But between the canceled celebrations and the endless errands, it…

Published on 13.12.2023


10 Resolutions Worth Keeping in the New Year

It's that time of year again! The season of festive cheer, sparkling lights, and... gulp...New Year's resolutions. We all know the drill: make a list of ambitious goals, swear off the holiday cookies…

Published on 06.12.2023


Throwing the Ultimate Thanksgiving Party: Tips, Ideas, and Inspiration

Are you ready to make this Thanksgiving 2023 unforgettable? Whether you're a seasoned host or a first-time party planner, this guide is here to help you throw the ultimate Thanksgiving party. From…

Published on 27.10.2023


Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones, enjoy delicious food, and reflect on all the things we're grateful for. While the holiday is most famously celebrated in the United States, it's also…

Published on 27.10.2023


10 Things to Know About the Day of the Dead in Mexico

The Day of the Dead in Mexico, known as "Dia de los Muertos," is a vibrant and richly celebrated Mexican tradition. This fascinating holiday is a blend of pre-Hispanic and Spanish influences…

Published on 16.10.2023


Mexican Independence Day - History and Traditions

Mexican Independence Day, often referred to simply as "El Grito" in Mexico, is one of the most significant and cherished Mexican holidays. Celebrated annually on September 16th in Mexico, it marks a…

Published on 08.09.2023


Top 10 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

There’s one thing guaranteed to happen near the end of the year and as a new year approaches: the creation of New Year’s resolutions. While there are some unique ones that are specific to people’s…

Published on 29.12.2022


How to Make Your Own Day of the Dead Altar - Step by step guide

You have probably heard of the Day of the Dead traditions in Mexico, which are celebrated the night between November 1 and 2 each year. A major part of this celebration is building an altar to honor…

Published on 31.10.2022


National Tequila Day. History, Celebration and Recipes

Among the things that distinguish Mexico in the world are tacos, mariachi, and tequila. Being such a famous and liked liquor, there is not only a National Tequila Day in Mexico but also in the United…

Published on 22.07.2022


Best Summer Pool Floats

Summer is the best time to be outside to soak up all that rich vitamin D from the sun. But above all, summer is definitely the time to be lounging by a pool, lake, lazy river, or beach. You don’t even…

Published on 01.07.2022


6 Special Gifts for Mommy 2023 (DIY Gifts)

The most meaningful Mothers Day gift ideas are those given with love to preserve memories, but finding the perfect and unique Mothers Day gifts 2023 has isn’t so easy. Whether your kids are young or…

Published on 06.05.2022


Holy Week Timeline: What are the Events?

Holy Week 2023 begins on April 2, and for millions of Christians around the world, it’s a sacred time of remembrance and celebration. The different events of Holy Week follow the final days of Jesus…

Published on 08.04.2022


Romantic Things to Do in Los Cabos for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and there's nothing better than a romantic getaway. And we know the perfect place! Whisk away that special person and enjoy these romantic things to do in Los Cabos…

Published on 25.01.2022


Things to Do on New Year's Eve in Los Cabos

The grand finale to the festive season and to the year is almost upon us: New Year’s Eve. In a normal year, New Year’s Eve is one of the most highly anticipated nights of the year. Exciting plans are…

Published on 28.12.2021


The Best Way to Get Black Friday Flight Deals

There’s a good chance you’re already seeing ads for Black Friday sales, and while the latest TVs and brand new toys are some of the most sought-after items, there will also be some hot Black Friday…

Published on 09.11.2020


8 Rules to Stay Safe from Coronavirus During your Vacation in Mexico

A Mexico vacation is the perfect way to relax in the summer, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With no to-do list, you can enjoy beach days and exciting tours as you explore the local…

Published on 21.08.2020


The Best Activities for Your First Time in Los Cabos

Stepping off the plane for the first time in Cabo San Lucas is an experience like no other. As the warm winds from the mountains sweep through your hair, the anticipation of all the things to do in…

Published on 10.08.2020


Stay Curious: Get to Know Mexican Culture From Your Home

While there are plenty of reasons to visit Mexico, one of the best reasons to take a trip across the border is to experience another culture. While you may think you’re familiar with what is Mexican…

Published on 13.05.2020


Things to Do to Continue Traveling from Home

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world. Without leaving your couch and while practicing ways to stay safe at home, you can explore the hidden corners of the world…

Published on 08.05.2020


Travel to Los Cabos: Hotel + Flight or Hotel Only, Which is Better?

Scoring deals on Los Cabos vacation packages, all inclusive hotels, and flights makes traveling even sweeter, but even savvy travelers know it takes time to find the best hotel and flight packages…

Published on 30.03.2020

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