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8 Rules to Stay Safe from Coronavirus During your Vacation in Mexico

LIFESTYLE | Published on 21/08/2020
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A Mexico vacation is the perfect way to relax in the summer, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With no to-do list, you can enjoy beach days and exciting tours as you explore the local culture. However, with the current Coronavirus pandemic, knowing how to stay safe on vacation is a little different than usual. Now, family vacation safety tips focus more on health and sanitation, and since this is a time to practice increased caution, following these vacation tips will help you have safe Mexico beach vacations this summer. 

1. Wear a Mask

Health experts around the world have researched and published articles on the effectiveness of wearing a mask to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Whether travelers are taking safe Mexico beach vacations or simply shopping at their local grocery store, wearing a mask with at least two layers of cloth is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. Because there are still warnings for international travel, using a mask is key for how to stay safe on vacation.

2. Use Hand Sanitizer

In addition to sunscreen, your beach bag for safe Mexico vacations should also include hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. While washing your hand is the most effective option for how to stay safe on vacation, when you’re out and about, using hand sanitizer is one of the best family vacation safety tips for avoiding germs. 

3. Carry Disinfecting Wipes

Before sitting down to eat or to lounge by the pool, use a disinfectant wipe to sanitize the area. While most businesses are already taking extra sanitary measures, having your own antibacterial wipes will help you have safe Mexico vacations even if someone else has touched the surfaces before you.

4. Practice Social Distancing

Sometimes, having safe Mexico beach vacations will require a little patience, especially when social distancing. If you see a line at your resort’s check-in desk or there’s a limited number of pool chairs available to comply with social distancing guidelines, you’ll have to be a little patient, knowing that keeping six feet of distance between you and others is one of the best family vacation safety tips.

5. Research Tour Providers

On your Mexico vacation, you’ll still want to enjoy the adventure and excitement of exploring your destination, and one of the best ways to do this is with tours, like ATV rides, scuba diving excursions, and sailing trips. Before booking tours, take time to read through the providers’ websites to see what preventive measures they’re taking. If they’re increasing sanitation and limiting the number of guests, you can safely get out and explore.

6. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

To practice social distancing, opt to be outside, and in the fresh sea breeze, you can paddleboard, snorkel, and participate in a variety of beach activities. On the beaches of Mexico, there’s plenty of space to spread out from others, and with the fresh air, travelers create lifelong memories of safe Mexico vacations.

7. Wash Your Hands

After enjoying the wonderful views, unique activities, and delicious food that make a Mexico vacation magical, wash your hands when you return to your room. While hand sanitizer is great when you’re on the go, taking twenty seconds to thoroughly wash your hands is one of the best vacation tips for protecting yourself. 

8. Monitor Your Own Health

Being on the go and in the sun on vacation can start to make you feel tired and worn out, and with the current situation, it’s important to take care of your own health. Even on vacation, be sure to stay hydrated and to eat a balanced diet. By protecting your health and strengthening your immune system, your body will be better prepared to fight the virus should you come in contact with it.

It’s wise to follow these vacation tips whenever you travel and even more so now during the Coronavirus pandemic. By making smart and healthy choices, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the excitement and adventures that make Mexico beach vacations popular getaways while slowing the spread of the Coronavirus.

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