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Best Summer Pool Floats

LIFESTYLE | Published on 01/07/2022
Optimizada summer pool floats

Summer is the best time to be outside to soak up all that rich vitamin D from the sun. But above all, summer is definitely the time to be lounging by a pool, lake, lazy river, or beach. You don’t even have to get wet if you don’t want to. Nowadays, swimming floats can be any image you can imagine. Not sure what we mean? Well, here’s a round-up of the “Best Pool Floats for Summer 2022”.

Gone are the days when pool inflatables were mere rectangular floats. These days, creativity is running wild and people are taking their designs to the next level. To help you find one that suits your fancy, we looked into all sorts of designs for adults, large groups, babies, and even pets. You name it, there are inflatable pool toys like it.

There's something for every personality. Foodies have plenty of options because swimming pool floats come as donuts, avocados, slices of pizza, ice cream, or even a cheeseburger. While others are designed like animals or mystical creatures like unicorns, llamas, flamingos and so much more. Find the best pool floats you’ll want to lounge on all summer long. You deserve to relax, not to mention the amazing tan that comes with lounging.

FUNBOY created a vibrant 2-person oversized chaise lounger with a 70s print called Barbie Dream. Then there’s the Disco Dome, a four-person pool inflatable that comes with four cup holders and a mesh to get shade from the sun. What better way to spend a pool day with your friends on one of the best pool floats. These two instagrammable settings deserve a toast. Raise your glasses, let’s make summer 2022 the best summer vacation.

Picture it! You’re wearing your favorite swimwear, drink in hand, and floating on a yacht or cabana-shaped summer pool float in an infinity pool that is connected to the longest lazy river in Los Cabos. Who wouldn’t want a summer vacation at an all inclusive resort with incomparable services, amenities, and fun that come with staying at Villa La Valencia Los Cabos?

Some people opt for pool inflatables that allow them to be wet but still floating. The Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock is the best option for that and other resort activities. Versatility is key when it comes to summer pool floats, its distinctive design allows you to get in and out of it quite easily, so no more jumping off the side of the pool.

No one is getting left out of this round-up. As mentioned before, there are even inflatable pool toys for pets to lounge on this summer. One of the bestpool floats is named “Lazy Day Round Pet Pool Float”. Some pet-friendly pool floats are puncture-resistant with double-sided mesh fabric and tether points to keep the float nearby or at a specific distance. Even your little fur children deserve to enjoy the great outdoors and the fun of a pool day. If your pet like hanging out with the family by the pool, get them a pet pool float to join the fun.

When thinking of getting inflatable pool toys, you shouldn’t only think of the design or image it’s depicting. Some important things to consider are the weight capacity or the number of people to use it, the usage; is it for the pool or the beach, size, portability, age range, and inflatable or not.

The best part about having one of the best pool floats is that if you take care of them well, you can use them for years to come. The key to swimming floats lasting longer is to store and clean them adequately. Never leave them in wet areas or water as that can lead to mold growth. We recommend washing them regularly with water and mild soap and then drying them properly. 

Find a pool or beach nearby to lounge on your Instagram-worthy summer pool floats this summer. Or better yet, experience a summer vacation like never before when you visit Villa la Valencia Beach Resort and Spa and enjoy its lazy river, multiple pools, resort activities, and all inclusive service at your fingertips. Which swimming floats will you choose?

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