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Stay Curious: Get to Know Mexican Culture From Your Home

LIFESTYLE | Published on 13/05/2020
Optimizada mexico history and culture

While there are plenty of reasons to visit Mexico, one of the best reasons to take a trip across the border is to experience another culture. While you may think you’re familiar with what is Mexican culture, there are likely many things you don’t know. Taking time to read up on some Mexico culture facts will make your experiences even richer. During your vacation, see history come to life at museums, and taste ancestral recipes in Mexican food culture. All of this will make you a better traveler as you become even more enchanted by Mexico history and culture.

Mexican History

Mexico history and culture goes back thousands of years to when indigeounous tribes inhabited the deserts, mountains, and coasts. The two most famous tribes were the Mayans and Aztecs. The Maya empire was one of the first and longest-surviving Mesoamerican civilizations, encompassing territory all the way in Honduras. To see Mexico history and culture for yourself, explore some of the many Mayan ruins on the east coast. The other tribe, the Aztecs, ruled more recently in Mexican history and clashed with the Spanish conquistadors. One of the most interesting Mexico culture facts is that the story of the Aztec empire is on the country’s flag. For years, the Aztecs had no home, only a promise from their gods that one day the priest would spot an eagle, perched on a cactus, holding a snake, and this would be their home. They found this exact sign at Lake Texcoco, which has been built up into Mexico City. Today, you can see the cactus, eagle, and snake on the flag.

Mexican Holidays and Traditions

Mexican holidays and traditions are rooted in history, but even as they’ve changed over the years, they’re still rich with Mexican cultural traditions. Independence Day, Day of the Dead, and Christmas are some of the main Mexican holidays and traditions.

Independence Day

One of the interesting Mexico culture facts is that while Independence Day in Mexico is on September 16, the celebrations kick off the day before with el grito, the cry. This traditional cry for independence was first given by a priest named Miguel Hidalgo in 1810. Today, the president famously gives this same speech from the capitol on the eve of Independence Day.

Day of the Dead

When people first study what is Mexican culture, Day of the Dead is one of the most iconic holidays. However, this holiday dates back thousands of years to when tribes would celebrate the harvest. Today, November 1-2 is a time for families to remember those who have died and celebrate their stories. Mexican cultural traditions, like dressing up like catrinas and building altars, allow families to talk about death and those they loved.


American Christmas is famous around the world, but there are many unique Mexican cultural traditions that are celebrated at this time of the year. Throughout the month, posadas are held for coworkers, friends, neighbors, and families to exchange gifts and celebrate the season. The day to celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe is also in December on the 12th. On the days leading up to the 12th, processionals wind their ways through cities to churches where mass is held in honor of Mary. For Christmas, the main event for most Mexican families is the Christmas Eve dinner, loaded with favorite dishes, and families will stay up late into the night celebrating.

Mexican Food Culture

Like in most places, food is at the heart of Mexico culture and traditions. Each holiday is famous for its own foods: chiles en nogadas on Independence Day, pan de muertos for Day of the Dead, and bunuelos at Christmas time. Mexican food culture is famous around the world, but most people aren’t familiar with these unique dishes. As you experience Mexico and traditions, you’ll taste the sweet and savory chocolate mole sauce, steaming tamales wrapped in corn husks, and hearty bowls of pozole soup.

If you stay curious about what is Mexican culture, you’ll always be learning something new. From ancient history to yearly festivities, Mexico culture and traditions are filled with vibrant activities, delicious foods, and unique stories. However, it’s only when you travel throughout the country that you can truly feel the culture’s warmth extending from the hearts of the people.

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