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Where to Get Tested for Covid in Los Cabos?

NEWS | Published on 02/02/2021
Optimizada where to get tested for covid

The latest Cabo San Lucas travel restrictions announced that the Canadian and US governments are now requiring travelers entering their borders from international destinations to show proof of a negative COVID test. The new guidelines provide an extra layer of protection and encourage travelers to follow preventive measures during their vacations. As you make travel plans, it’s important to know where to Get Tested for Covid in Cabo San Lucas so that you have all your paperwork ready for your flight home.

Canadian and CDC COVID Test International Travel Guidelines

Both the Canadian and US CDC travel guidelines require incoming travelers, both citizens and foreigners, to present negative COVID results from a test administered within 72 hours of the traveler’s departing flights. This CDC COVID test international travel requirement is being used by countries around the world. One difference between the Canadian and US CDC travel guidelines is the type of test that is required. Canada requires a molecular polymerase chain reaction (or PCR) test, but travelers to the US can present a Viral Antigen or nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) test. The Canadian government has also stressed that the new policy does not replace the previously mandated 14-day quarantine rule.

Where to Get COVID Test in Cabo San Lucas

Travelers have several options for where to get COVID tests in Cabo San Lucas. Most hospitals, clinics and laboratories offer COVID testing in Cabo San Lucas, and the city is also organizing testing options to help foreigners who travel to Cabo San Lucas. The cost of COVID testing in Cabo San Lucas ranges from place to place and between types of tests, but no matter where you get tested, the most important thing is to have your test done on time. CDC travel guidelines require that the test be administered within three days of your departing flight, so make an appointment in advance so that you’re ready to head home.

COVID Testing in Cabo San Lucas Resorts

Because the community knows that navigating the new Cabo San Lucas travel restrictions can be confusing for foreigners, many resorts are making it easy and offering help so that guests don’t have to think about all the details while relaxing and having fun on vacation. At these Cabo resorts, guests can find all the information they need upon checking in at the hotel. In the event that a guest tests positive when they travel to Cabo San Lucas, The Villa Group Resorts have protocols in place to ensure a safe quarantine and will honor the original booking price to make travelers’ experiences easy.

Because there are no new Cabo San Lucas travel restrictions for those wanting to vacation on the beach, the city remains a safe and secure destination for travelers, and the community is committed to helping visitors navigate the new CDC COVID test international travel requirements. With these convenient testing options and a variety of preventive measures and protocols being enforced around the city, travel to Cabo San Lucas is still a safe and exciting option for your next getaway.

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