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Whale Watching Season in Los Cabos 2023

EVENTS | Published on 01/12/2022
Optimizada whale watching season in los cabos

One of the most anticipated activities of the year on the coast of Mexico is whale watching Los Cabos. Every year, humpback whales make their appearance in this incredible vacation destination between November and March. If you are wondering what to do in Los Cabos and want to have this experience up close, it's best to book one of the licensed whale watching tours.

During these months as well, it's the best time to see whale sharks in Los Cabos, Mexico. The whale shark is one of the animals with the slowest evolutionary rate among vertebrates. Most of their genes are ancestral. It is believed to have lived on Earth for 60 million years.

Although it is the world's largest shark, hence its name, it is totally harmless to humans. Its feeding system is very similar to that of whales, by water filtration. Whether in displacement or inert, it ingests large amounts of water, feeding mainly from phytoplankton, macroalgae, and krill. Therefore, swimming with whale sharks in Los Cabos is a completely safe and fun activity.

Whale Watching Tours

From icy waters, humpback whales migrate from North America to the Mexican Pacific. Here they spend the winter playing and mating. Hopefully, during whale watching season in Los Cabos, you'll witness the amazing spectacle of a mating group on your whale watching excursions. Several males follow the female and compete with each other by hitting, jumping, and whipping their fins. Quite a show!

These performances occur in the earlier months of the whale watching season. And as time goes by, the whales become more relaxed, until one day they begin to appear accompanied by tiny whales. As their calves are born! If you didn't know, whales are mammals (the largest on the planet), so the calves are usually stuck to their mothers almost all the time.

This will not prevent you from watching them play by doing pirouettes and hitting their fins against the water. You can enjoy all this and more while whale watching Los Cabos. Imagine the different things to do in Los Cabos like taking photos of a whale as it jumps with the Arch of Cabo San Lucas as a background. Some Los Cabos excursions even have a hydrophone to listen to their singing.

Whale Shark swimming Los Cabos

If you are looking for things to do in Los Cabos related to marine life, this sensational destination has another surprise. Between October and February, it is the best time to see whale sharks in Los Cabos, Mexico. These speckled mammals are the largest in the world and can reach up to 12 meters long. This species of sharks show no aggressiveness toward humans, so you can dive with them safely.

La Paz, on the eastern coast of the peninsula, is one of the best places to swim with whale sharks in Los Cabos. Tours usually depart from Cabo San Lucas, so you can ask to be taken directly from the Villa La Valencia Beach Resort & Spa lobby. Hopefully, you'll find a group of whale sharks to dive and swim around them, making your Los Cabos excursion an unforgettable experience. While the best time to see whale sharks in Los Cabos, Mexico concludes in February, it is at the beginning when they are most present.

Los Cabos, a Destination Like no Other

As you can see, the possibilities of what to do in Los Cabos are quite impressive. It is a destination recognized worldwide for the great diversity of its fauna and marine life. Whale shark swimming Los Cabos and whale watching tours are among the most popular Los Cabos excursions, so try to book them in advance. The Villa La Valencia concierges will gladly help you book the best tour packages.

If you haven't already experienced whale watching Los Cabos, what are you waiting for? When you find yourself in front of these colossal dimensional mammals, you will be in awe of their magnificence. The greatest being on the planet has you at its mercy, in the midst of the immensity of the ocean, its territory. We are insignificant in comparison to its imposing size. However, instead of becoming aggressive in our presence, they are curious, playful, and friendly.

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