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Is Los Cabos Safe? - Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling

NEWS | Published on 24/09/2020
Optimizada is los cabos safe to travel

Thousands of families, friends, and solo travelers head to the soft shores of Los Cabo every month to soak up the ocean breeze and relax on the shores of paradise. However, TV dramas and Hollywood blockbusters often have many people wondering “Is Cabo San Lucas safe?” Despite what you may see on the big screen, Los Cabos tourist safety is very high, and those who have partied on the beach or shopped in the downtown boutiques can attest to the warm hospitality and friendly smiles that greeted them throughout their vacations. If you’ve been dreaming of the beach but wondering “Is it safe to travel to Mexico?”, here’s everything you need to know about Los Cabos Mexico safety to help you have the vacation of a lifetime.

Check the Latest Los Cabos Mexico Travel Advisory

Earlier this year, talk of a Mexico travel ban filled headlines, but the details of the plan weren’t always clear. While non-essential travel was limited at the land border, air travel remained open and unaffected by the Mexico travel ban. This Mexico travel ban is still in place until September 21st to prevent the spread of viruses, but for the most reliable answer to “Is it safe to travel to Mexico?”, visit the U.S. Department of State website where you’ll find official, up-to-date information on Los Cabos Mexico safety. Here, the Mexico travel advisory is compiled by state, and for the latest Los Cabos warnings, check the information for the state of Baja California Sur. While the Mexico travel advisory points out intergang violence in some parts of the state, the U.S. government notes that Los Cabos tourist safety is high.

Become Familiar with the City

While some people worry “Is Cabo San Lucas safe?”, those who have explored the city know how easy it is to feel at home here. Becoming familiar with the city will help put your worries about is it safe to travel to Mexico, and it will show you all the warmth and beauty that make Los Cabos a home away from home. All along the shore, luxury resorts and private villas overlook the sea, and when you book your vacations here, you’ll have a secure place to lay your head down every night. The downtown features a large marina with fishing boats and yachts, and as you wander the streets, you’ll see yoga studios, gourmet restaurants, and artisan boutiques while experiencing Los Cabos Mexico safety for yourself.

Read About how Different Businesses are Protecting Travelers

Because tourism makes up the majority of the local economy, business owners and city officials are dedicated to protecting travelers and making sure there are no Los Cabos warnings. To make sure travelers from around the world feel comfortable, resorts and tour providers are implementing new safety measures, and even the Los Cabos airport has received the ACI Health Accreditation. For those wondering is Cabo San Lucas safe, the Safe Travels Stamp is a tool to help determine which resorts and businesses are consistently implementing health and safety protocols. By researching the specific resorts and tours, discerning travelers have the latest information on any Los Cabos travel advisory and experience safe and secure travels to Los Cabos.

Follow Los Cabos Tourist Safety Tips

The main Los Cabos travel advisory is mostly focused on petty crimes, and while the majority of travelers never experience this, you can never be too safe when traveling in a foreign country. Based on the most recent Los Cabos warning, here are some of the top tips to follow in the city:

  • Store valuables, important IDs, and expensive jewelry in your resort suite.

  • Avoid taking large sums of money out of your wallet and purse.

  • Stick to the main tourist areas, especially at night.

  • Always take an official taxi or Uber at night.

  • Avoid giving out personal information, like where you’re staying and what’s on your itinerary.

Los Cabos Mexico is one of the safest beach destinations, and with an array of luxury hotels and exciting tours on land and sea, it’s the ideal spot for everything from a family vacation to an anniversary getaway. By taking time to read information on the Los Cabos travel advisory, you’ll quickly see why so many travelers make the city their destination in Mexico.

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