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Get a real taste of Mexico at Villa La Valencia! Throughout the month of September, we celebrate the national holidays with the Taste of Mexico plan. This program offers extended privileges and includes lots of hotel activities and a culinary experience for all ages. During your stay at the newest Los Cabos all-inclusive resort, you'll enjoy the best of Mexican cuisine, exclusive resort activities, theme nights, and many family activities. If you wish to book a room-only stay, you can also purchase the Taste of Mexico plan at a special price.

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Taco Fest & Antojitos Night

What would be a culinary experience called The Taste of Mexico without tacos? Enjoy a variety of them and other typical appetizers common in Mexican cuisine on Tuesdays at Villa La Valencia. Accompany these delights with freshly made fruit-infused water, mezcalitas, live music, and entertainment.

Experience an authentic Mexican party during theme nights! Indulge in our buffets with traditional food from various regions in Mexico and frozen margaritas. There will be live music, performances, games, and family activities such as Loteria, hoops, and marbles, plus other Mexican traditions.

Enjoy the best of the Pacific coast at this culinary experience. The buffets consist of different ceviches, clams, fish, and other typical dishes of Mexican cuisine seafood dishes. Savor the flavors while enjoying refreshing micheladas and live music to set the mood for theme nights like these.

From September 14 to 21, El Patron will offer 3-course tasting menus with typical dishes from different magical towns in Mexico (a la carte is available on days when there is no buffet). Discover the rich flavors of Mexican cuisine at our all inclusive resort in Los Cabos!

Raspados Making
Who doesn't like snow cones or shaved ice to cool down? In this class for children and adults, we will put the ice, syrups, toppings, and everything necessary so that participants can prepare their own shaved ice entirely to their liking. Book your places and have fun with these family activities.

Learn how to make tortillas, a staple in Mexican cuisine. Our chefs will guide you step by step until you master the technique of making tortillas and sopes the traditional Mexican way. Take a taste of Mexico home with this skill that has been passed down from generations.

On a hot day, what’s more refreshing than a fruity popsicle? Both children and adults can learn how to make their own fruit popsicles in this fun class. And to make them Mexican style, you can add chili to give them that spicy kick. Participate and have fun with these family activities.
Moles are some of the most elaborate dishes that exist in Mexican cuisine. These thick sauces are made with chile peppers, spices, and many other ingredients that make them really tasty. There are moles of different colors, therefore, there are several recipes based on the region in Mexico.
Another traditional food in Mexican cuisine is tamales. It can be sweet or savory: chicken, pork, corn, etc. No matter what the filling, the important thing is to learn how to make the dough that is then wrapped in a corn or banana leaf and cooked. Making it is a culinary experience within itself!
Our experienced bartenders will teach you how to prepare two of the most ordered cocktails in Mexico. Learn how to prepare different flavors of margaritas and mezcalitas with exotic combinations of ingredients. Nothing like drinks made with tequila and mezcal to enjoy the taste of Mexico.
Stretching our muscles and joints is the best way to keep the body flexible. Start your morning with a healthy stretching session in front of the sea. Our animation team will guide you as you stretch every part of your anatomy. Enjoy these hotel activities and start your day stretching and relaxing!
A popular and hip water activity is to glide on top of the ocean on a paddleboard. In addition to being fun, you develop your balance and exercise your body while appreciating beautiful landscapes. Enjoy these extended privileges and much more at our Los Cabos all-inclusive resort.
Volleyball is even more fun when you can dive for a ball with the peace of mind that the water will break your fall. Join one of the teams and defend your side of the pool straight to victory! This is one of the ideal hotel activities to make friends during your vacation at our all inclusive resort.
Practice this fun and innovative sport that combines elements of badminton, ping pong, and tennis. It's very easy to learn! It can be played by children and adults alike, so it is one of the family activities that you can do together during your stay at Villa La Valencia Los Cabos.
This fun game consists of throwing small sacks full of corn toward a wooden board that has scores marked at the end of a hole. Depending on the part of the board where the sack falls is the number of points you get, and if you manage to get into the hole you get even more points.
Join this fun activity in the infinity pool and burn all the extra calories from your vacation. Our dynamic animation team will teach you water exercise routines that will keep you in shape. Participate in as many hotel activities as you want with our Taste of Mexico program.
Piñata Making
If we talk about Mexican traditions, without a doubt piñatas must be mentioned. In this creative workshop, you will learn how to make piñatas on your own. Follow the instructions of our hotel activities team, who will provide you with all the necessary materials for you to carry out this craft.
Do you like riddles? Our entertainment team will ask guests questions, whether related to Mexican culture, about Los Cabos or the hotel. Try to answer as many as you can and, if you get it right, you can win prizes that you will love. That's the best part of this game!
Test your skills like in the old west! Of course, we refer to the old game that consists of throwing horseshoes over a stick. How many do you think you'll be able to get right? Can you beat the other guests and set a new record? This is one of our fun hotel activities that never goes out of style.
Some songs stay in our memories forever. In this activity, our animation team will play fragments of songs and you will have to guess who is the singer, group, or film the music is from. Be the first to respond and impress everyone with your incredible musical wisdom.
Participate in this traditional game of chance. Our animation team will be taking numbered balls from a tombola. Find and mark the numbers on your card as they are shouted. You have to be fast or you just might miss one. When you get your row of numbers, don't forget to shout "Bingo!"
This is another of the hotel activities we have for you in Villa La Valencia. Ping pong is a game that tests reflexes. Grab your ping pong paddle and show your speed and skill as you defeat your opponents. Although winning is good, in the end, the important thing is not just to win, but to compete.
If you like casino games, you probably know Blackjack. It is a game that consists of being as close as possible to 21 points while collecting cards from the deck. It is said that mathematical geniuses can develop the ability to count cards to know the chances they have of winning.
Our entertainment team will teach you how to dance these Latin moves in fun poolside classes. Move your body to the sound of Latin music, and very soon you'll realize it's not as difficult as you thought. Star the show and surprise everyone on the dance floor with your new moves at future parties.
Exercise to the rhythm of the music! Follow in the footsteps of our animation team, who have prepared dance routines for you to move every part of your body. Not only will you burn the calories gained with our great culinary experience, but at the same time, you'll improve your dancing skills.
This very simple game is also known as "Bocci Ball". Usually, you have a white ball, six red and six blue. It is played between two players or teams, which are divided into red and blue. The game consists of throwing the balls and trying to get as close as possible to the white ball.
Participate in this game where your best ally is luck. Although it requires a bit of strategy, it depends a lot on the cards you're given. The goal is to try to get as close as possible to 21 without passing it. Do you play it safe and stop at 19 hoping you’re the closest to 21 or risk it all?
Do you like to gather by a bonfire to sing to the music of a guitar? At sunset, join our talented guitarist and sit around our waterfront campfire to sing your favorite songs of all time. This is one of the charming theme nights we have prepared for you. A night by the bonfire like never before.
This is a representation of the successful musical, inspired by the life and work of P. T. Barnum, who started to create "The Greatest Show in the World" from scratch. This circus performance captivated audiences all over the planet. Come watch our artists perform the Greatest Showman live.
Bring out your inner artist with this beautiful form of expression. Nothing like painting at sunset with a nice glass of wine to relax after an exciting day of vacation in Los Cabos. Let inspiration take over your hands and paint whatever your soul dictates to paint on the canvas.
Dance to the music in front of the Sea of Cortez at this party with a live DJ. Our animation team will be present to set the mood for this musical evening. Let the beat of the music invade your body and let yourself go. A vacation in our Cabo all inclusive resort always includes a beach party.
Family Movie Night

Watching a movie is one of the quintessential family activities, but it's even better when the screening is during your vacation at our extraordinary Cabo all inclusive resort. Get your popcorn, snacks, and drinks ready to watch some of the best movies in our cinema at Villa La Valencia Los Cabos.

This game is only possible if you are staying at the hotel with the longest lazy river in Los Cabos. Choose your favorite inflatable float and challenge the rest of the competitors to see who is the first to complete this winding 1148-foot-long course. You’ll have fun in this original competition!
Another great advantage of staying at Villa La Valencia Los Cabos is the sunrise in front of the beautiful Golden Beach. Start your day with a tour as you admire the incomparable colors of the Sea of Cortez or go for a walk to relax and feel the sand between your toes. And don't forget your camera!
In this children's activity, children give free rein to their imagination while decorating a hat with materials provided by our Kids Club. In addition to being very fun, this art and crafts activity stimulates children’s creativity by having the freedom to decorate their hats however they choose.
Children will learn the importance of stretching their bodies while improving their level of concentration through this age-old practice. This is one of the most constructive hotel activities for children, as it instills the principles of yoga and awakens their curiosity to know it more thoroughly.

Any incredible beach vacation should include building sand castles. This is one of the family activities that children love to do with their parents. Let your imagination run wild to create the most beautiful sand castles. However fleeting they may be, a beautiful memory will be created.

This fun game consists of distributing a deck of cards in equal parts among all the players. Then, players flip over their top card and place it in the center in turns. When a Jack appears, the player who first places their hand on it, takes all the cards underneath. Collect the most cards to win!
This is one of the special activities that you can only do if you stay at hotels with a lazy river. And you're in luck! Because Villa La Valencia has the longest lazy river in Los Cabos! Test your skills by staying on a boogie board while this fun amenity takes you to the ebbs and flows down stream.
Let your kids make the most of the day by getting their morning started with a fun stretching session and exercises designed for children. Our Kids Club team will teach them an entertaining routine that will get their bodies going for a day full of adventures at our Cabo all-inclusive resort.
Having lots of garden space to play and have fun is important when raising kids. Leave your children in the hands of our Kids Club team, who will be in charge of proposing a variety of games for children to entertain themselves and meet other children their age. This is how friendships are born!
If there's on thing to make a child happy during their vacation, it's pools. The difficult thing is not that they get in, but to convince them to get out. So get ready for them to participate in this series of water games that our animation team has prepared for the little ones to have a great time.
What is your child's favorite animal or character? Our talented artists will capture colorful drawings and designs on their faces with washable paints. Let their imagination fly with this activity as they're transformed into what they like the most. The excitement to see themselves in the mirror!
A few times a week, our Kids Club plays guests' favorite children's movies. Get some alone time with the confidence that your children will be in good hands watching their favorite movies with other children their age. While your kids make friends and watch movies, enjoy some adult time at our spa.
A Zumba class specially made for children. Our animation team will guide them to the rhythm of the music so that your kids exercise by dancing. Your little ones will find this class very fun, so much so that they won't even think they're exercising and developing their sense of rhythm.
In this fun activity, children use their logic and reasoning to find clues that lead them to find a treasure. You'll see them running back and forth to be the first to discover the next clue. Our entertainment team is in charge of these hotel activities and you wouldn't believe how exciting it gets.
Two players usually play this board game. Each player has tiles that are either red or yellow. The game consists of placing the tiles on a board to try to form a sequence of 4 before their opponent does. Watch the little ones use logic to win and they will love to participate in this tournament!
Your children will learn about Mexican culture and develop their creativity by making traditional Mexican handicrafts. Our Kids Club team will lead this activity while explaining the history and meanings of the crafts that the children are making. It's always a grand time creating with your hands.
For this game is pretty much for all ages. Children also get excited as they fill out their card with the numbers that are being said. Our Kids Club team will be in charge of turning the tombola and taking out the numbered balls until one of the participants wins by shouting "Bingo!".
This is one of the hotel activities we offer at Villa La Valencia for children to develop their creativity. In this Kids Club workshop, children will create various objects with their own hands and decorate them to their liking. Nothing like a souvenir of their holiday made by themselves with love.
We know that one of the favorite toys of many children is the lego. Therefore, our Kids Club has enough pieces for them to form any figure from their imagination. Playing with lego is proven to stimulate their creativity and help them find ways to build on problem solving skills from a young age.